questionsare you interested in the nba playoffs?


Nope. I feel the same way about sports as porn. Participating in it yourself is far more satisfying than watching others, no matter how much better at it they may be.


Not even remotely interested. I would be happy if every sports function disappeared from the earth, or at least from my television. And I'd be really, really, happy if my local NFL team stopped sucking up tax dollars to make its millionaire owner even richer.

By the way, the function and purpose of a question is to solicit comments about the topic of the question. While there's often some thread drift, it serves no purpose at all to tell people their answer doesn't have to deal with the question asked.


The repetativeness and predictability of professional basketball just doesn't do it for me, at all. The NBA is completely broken to me.


I guess I'm one of the odd-balls when it comes to sports. Normally I don't pay attention to the NBA, but the Memphis Grizzlies have been doing pretty well recently. Since they're in the playoffs, I have been paying attention to their games. I like that they play strong defense and are regarded by many as one of the toughest teams in the playoffs, despite not having dominant stars like the Lakers or Heat.


My answer here is same as the Q about the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Season is tooooooo long. I'm over it.
Time for baseball now.


Not really. And I agree with @magic cave about the question issue....this isn't a random forum like other sites.


@magic cave: I always thought the whole 'football makes money for the school' myth was true at least at the professional level.
Funny thing happened at the HS, the booster club after spending so much time telling (10 minutes) us how great football was and how good for the school it was (2 minutes later) asked the band students to do a fund raiser for the team.
I was thinking that maybe since I paid for the instrument and fees, that perhaps if the football players needed money so bad the football players parents could buy their uniforms and pay fees for football or at least the football players could fund raise themselves. Did I mention our town needs a new football stadium and we need to raise taxes to fund it?
I almost raised my hand and asked if the football team made so much money for the team why they needed fund raising, and the band did not.


I was because I can finally watch the Rockets at home (stupid Comcast monopoly) but not so much after that 29 point blowout Sunday.
Hoping we can bounce back tonight. Go Rockets!!

As long as the Lakers don't win I'm cool.


@caffeine_dude: I have had a negative opinion of high school sports ever since a HS teacher in east Texas told me that grading was on a curve, there were only a few A's to be given out and she had to give them to the football players to keep their grades up, so I would have to live with a B even though my paper had no markdowns on it. I went to four different high schools (and innumerable grade schools) and never had any sense of allegiance to any sports team that would give me cause to swallow that kind of injustice.