questionsso many tv's... but what's the best deal you've…


Firstly, sorry about the current situation which necessitates this, among other costly purchases... Not fun.

Secondly, I will try to be brief in my comments here on TVs.

Really, there are tons of deals around for the holidays, and quite frankly, some are great... But most are not so great. This depends largely on what it is that you want, and what you can afford. Without more specifics, I'll give you a general set of recommendations for your deal-hunting:
- 1080p - don't settle for 720p unless it's a small screen...
- 120hz refresh rate (or higher) - This isn't actually going to make a huge difference in most TV content, just movies, that are natively in 24 (which divides into 120 perfectly!)
- Lighting - Plasmas offer the best blacks, but are usually only ideal for rooms with controlled lighting (dark rooms). LED backlit are next in that order (and typically offer the best picture-control options). LED sidelit are okay, and LCD are your base models...

to be continued...


And I'm back!

- screen size - This is partially just your preference (and wallet capacity)... Considering how small the traditional cathode tubes were, pretty much anything around 42" looks huge, but apparently we're not satisfied with just that, though most folks won't need, or want anything bigger than 55" unless sitting back 10 or more feet. Just sayin'...
- 3D - At this point, it's boiling down to nearly fixed specs, so if you find good deal and want to make the jump, just make sure the TV's reviews are good (cnet and consumer reports are great sources). Personally, I don't care much for it yet with such inconsistent performance.
-Also watch for glossy or matte screens

Good luck hunting!

For more details as to the Plasma vs. LED vs. LCD thing, you can look to a prior convo, or cnet:


How far is your viewing distance? Did you have a specific size in mind? Do you use it for gaming, or just watching? Is there a price-point you were trying to get under?

HDTVs vary so widely so widely nowadays, both in prices and features. There are some kickass $1500 TVs that would fit everyone's needs, but there are also pretty good sub-$500 (or even sub-$400) TVs that might work better for you and still have an excellent picture.