questionsdo you want to see star trek into darkness 2 days…


Great link! I never think to look in the most obvious places.

This time however, I got an email from the local IMAX theater that I'm a member at allowing me to buy them early for this event.


No Imax nearby .
No theater that shows first run movies.

I have to wait. Bummer.


Don't need to download another app to your phone:

2. Click on "Get Tickets Now"
3. Choose the option on the left (says Fan Sneaks In...May 15th)
4. Enter Zip Code and select movie time
5. Redirect to Fandango


Wicked. Have to drive an hour but it's worth it!


@nmchapma: I got the same thing. I'm not sure if I can go early though. :-(


I have had my tickets since Super Bowl Sunday when they accidently released the website early on Facebook and I was able to jump on it. They took it down about two minutes later but since I was already in there, I am good to go.

(Of course they printed out when I went to see a movie in late February so I am really hoping that I do not lose them.)