questionsdid you know that amazon is testing a monthly…


IMHO it's reasonable, and an option I might have chosen had I seen it a few weeks ago; I signed up for annual Prime in October. I noticed the monthly option on today.


it is actually a smart ploy on their part. get people in and use to it thru the holiday shipping needs. then when the next year rolls around one is use to it, they will be more likely to continue it. and if they can get people to pay the 8 a month for a year: hey, we made extra profit.


yes, it's been discussed on various deals sites for about a month or so.


Can I pay for only one month when I need it then resubscribe the next time I want to ship something that doesn't include free shipping? Seems this technique could save me money because I don't buy that much from Amazon that doesn't include free shipping so the $80/year cost was a bit too much.


Sounds fine. Although I've had this inkling feeling for the last year that something with Prime is going to change. The "add-on" items, the price increases for Saturday and Local Express delivery, and the increased use of local couriers (you thought UPS / FedEx were bad). If Prime becomes as popular as Amazon is pushing for, I question whether it can remain as good of a service for people like me who order well enough to make it worth it. I feel like either the price is going to double or its going to start being free ground shipping or something similar.

More on topic, their movie selection still can't compete with Netflix or Hulu. I would really like to see that improved and until it does I don't see a lot of people going monthly just for video streaming.


"customers who pay for 12 months of service up front will reportedly receive a 20% discount, dropping the annual cost to $76.70 — less than a year of Prime service at the old yearly rate."

So it looks like I'll save a couple bucks :)

Speaking of shipping! Prestige shipping is amazing! #NOT


Yes, I read about it on Gizmodo (I think) a week or two ago.
Thought it seemed interesting...I'll stick to the yearly subscription though.
It's coming at a perfect time (right before the holidays), so I'm sure people will jump on board for at least that...keep it through January and then forget that they have it and just keep paying for move Amazon, smart move...


Can't you just sign up for the annual service and then cancel it to get the prorated refund? I thought that was how it always worked.


Whatever stops Amazon from trying to suck more money out of Woot is a good thing in my book.


@wisenekt: It's not sucking money from Woot that's an issue ... it's sucking the soul from Woot that is.


I have the Student Prime so $40 for me. I order way too much to not have Prime, because I am not patient. The monthly would benefit a lot of people, especially during the holidays, though.


I did not know this. However, my main gripe with Prime right now is that so many items that would have shipped on their own are now "add-on" items. I just set my Prime account to expire automatically rather than renew and I can't see a scenario where I'd pay for Prime just to get an item a few days earlier over super-saver shipping.

I have Netflix and Hulu+ and there is enough overlap that I don't need the Prime videos.