questionsare you looking forward to you new woot branded…


So close...I guessed it'd be $25 plus shipping in this question about it.

No, I already have more skillets than I can use. It's nice, I just have no use for it.


I told my fiance after seeing that question it would be 30 plus 5 shipping so I had it spot on.


As a cast iron cooking fan, I was looking forward to this deal. But $8 more than a plain design pan on Amazon of the same brand? I thought we're here to score some good deals, not pay for designer branding. Just sayin'......

vote-for8vote-against .com/p/Lodge-12-Pre-Seasoned-Skillet/-/A-10291923?ref=tgtadvXSG10001&AFID=GooglePLAdf&LNM=%7C10291923&CPNG=small%20appliances&cisku=10291923&cigpa=pla&ci_kw=

take the spaces out to link
even cheaper than amazon--18.99 at target +tx&shipping


I was looking forward to buying one, just kinda priced me out when they slapped 30 bucks on it tbh


I bought one.. Had they been $15/ea I probably would've gotten 3. Oh well.. I am a sucker for Woot items


Isn't Lodge like the last US made cast iron cookware manufacturer?
I was actually surprised that Harbor Freight could import and sell Chinese cast iron and make a profit. Then I saw their anvils ...
ANYway, big cast iron fanboy here. The original non stick cookware, and good for you. I get ratty azz inlaws questioning the health benefits of the cast iron- but I have yet to hear why eating and/or breathing teflon bits is good for me.
But hey- it's $30, it's an investment, in 50 years it may be a collectible. A Lodge will last that long.


I'll buy one and then my son can have it when he starts his household and he can then give it to one of his kids someday.


I woulda bought one if the brand had been on the inside of the skillet - imagine having Woot! branded pancakes in the morning!! Yippee!!!


I'm a little disappointed that you can get the same skillet, sans woot logo, for cheaper at several stores, including Amazon w/ free shipping. The woot logo is cool, but completely non-functional. With my prime shipping, I can get it for $22 on Amazon, vs $35 on woot. That's quite a bit of money for a logo. (I'm also not at all buying into the "collectible" argument. I stopped using that when I was 10 to get my mom to buy me pokemon cards)


I had about 4 cast iron fry pans that belonged to both grandmothers. I just donated them to GoodWill as I am in the process of downsizing, and they were simply too heavy and could not be put in dishwasher of course. Still I am very tempted. . . . I imagine rust is not the issue it used to be?


@klozitshoper: According to the fairly detailed instructions, rust is still a serious issue.


@gidgaf: Imported anvils ... I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere. :(


Bought the same skillet (w/o the punctuation) from Amazon a little less than a year ago. It was $18.59. Got free super saver shipping. Amazon's current price of $22.34 is still a better deal. The woot offering is overpriced. Exclamation point or not.

Almost $35 for a "logo" when you can buy the same skillet for under 23 bucks? Some are saying this will become a collectible. Ummmm....well, perhaps. Then again maybe BigLots will pick them up - their advertising logo is also an "!".