questionswhat is the best store to get a microsd card?


Wal-Mart has them for under $15. I think I saw one this past weekend for $12-13... I'm sure the difference is less than a few bucks at any of the retail stores that sell them

You might want to check Office Depot or Office Max too. They seem to have crazy sales from time to time.


Also consider a free trial membership to ShopRunner or Amazon Prime to get online prices shipped within 2 days or so.


Fry's or Microcenter. Wal-Mart if neither of those are close. You'll pay out the nose for the convenience, though.

vote-for2vote-against is usually where I start. As far as brick & mortar, Microcenter if I'm in the neighborhood (get the bulk ones at the checkout lane for the best price). The ones on the shelf are sometimes twice as much for a brand name imprinted on them.


most brick/mortar stores have prices listed on line for majority of products. compare on line before spending gas to go to store. have you considered staples? target?


Don't really have much to add as far as B&M goes, but Amazon Prime's shipping has never been more than two days, and often it has been one day. IMHO it's a great value, especially if it's a free trial. :)


Thanks everyone! I ended up finding one on sale at Costco. All the ones I saw on Amazon weren't eligible for Prime, and Wal-Mart was $20.

Thank you for all the suggestions!