questionsdo you use the same password for everything?



Click here to download the add-on:

Away from your home computer and don't have access to the add-on?
Use this webpage to access your passwords:

You can also download the above site to store.

Might be something to think about as more and more sites are being pwned.

There are certain setting in the options that I would suggest changing to make the passwords more secure.



I help run a 25,000 member site where we require signup and passwords.

I get so sick of people coming to IRC help channel trying to get their accounts back, and they always say something like "yeah, I used the same username and password as my other sites"

half the time I tell them tough luck and disable their accounts. Darwinian theory for me!


@rlapid2112: No problem. I suggest upping the required characters to at least 12 and use domain and subdomain. If you need help finding these options let me know.

@kamikazeken: I bet that does get really annoying. How about a WhatCD invite? lol


@iggz: i am going to give this to my clients. its an area i didn't consider in securing their networks.


The way I set up my passwords is from an idea I got out of MaximumPC magazine. Use a sentence that you will remember, but is not too obvious, like take for example: I grew up on Madison Street for 15 years. Now take the first letter of each work in the sentence and you have iguomsf15y. This is a good secure password. I use keepass to store them in case I forget, but usually I remember. The good thing about keepass is it is available for Windows and Android, so I can use it with one password on both OS's. This way you get a personalized password, that not only is hard for hackers to hack, but is also easy to remember.


What happens if PasswordMaker gets hacked?


I use different variations of the same few passwords for all of the sites i use (probably 10-12 sites). I keep track of my passwords and usernames in an Excel spreadsheet, which is kept on a thumbdrive that is secure keyed. Even after you open the thumbdrive, you still have to get the password to the excel sheet. It's a pain when I forget the password to a site because I have to get the USB drive, punch in the password and then pull up the spreadsheet, but I prefer this method to storing it on anything that is connected to the internet at any time.


@drewskidooo: And how would that happen? They don't store any of your information... did you read the links? Probably not.


After I read this question yesterday, coincidentally my Yahoo account got hacked/phished so now I have to think of new, stronger passwords...