questionsanyone see the new iron man 3 trailer?


Looks good.
The one thing I have been hearing this entire time is "darker tone" and the trailer sets that up very nicely.

Looking forward to it.


Hadn't seen it until now, but it looks awesome! Thanks!


I just saw a news report about it as I was reading your post. They are currently filming in Wilmington, NC, which is about 4 hours from me. It looks great... can't wait!


Just saw it :D Ironman is my favorite hero!


My first impression of the trailer was something like "looks like someone watched The Dark Knight Rises". For some very odd reason the antagonist looks/feels/acts like Bane. But of course they're different, and I haven't even seen the new Batman movie yet.

Overall, I'm already excited for this movie.


I Can't Wait Untill Iron Man 4 And Avengers 2, Both with RDJ !!
I love Iron Man, Tony Stark And RDJ ! )