questionshave you heard that futurama has been cancelled…



Eh, I'm sure it'll be back again as well. I do like the show though.


I didn't like the newer episodes as much as the classics. It's sad to see them get cancelled again, but I'd rather pull out the old DVDs than watch new episodes.


knew it came back, wasn't as impressed with the new episodes so I stopped watching. In all honesty I didn't know it was still on


@samstag: While I still love Futurama and enjoy the newer episodes, I agree that they lack the punch of the older ones. For the most part, for a cartoon they tried to keep consistency. If they said X, then that was written in the show bible and that's that. Future (ahem) writers, refer to this, and thou shalt not backtrack, except of course for running jokes like Bender being X% of something, and nobody ever knows Scruffy.

In the new episodes, Mars is blown out of orbit, then the next week they go to a casino on Mars. Bender has a defect where if he dies, he dies, his software isn't uploaded anywhere because his backup unit isn't installed. The next week, he dies and his software is uploaded into the WiFi cloud.

That said, looking forward to the new episodes from whatever source picks them up now. B-)


That's a bummer.

On the bright side it has become much, much easier for a show to be saved be it through netflix, kickstarter, or whatever.


Comedy Central can bite my shiny metal daffodil.


Oh Great One we will miss you again.


Sad to hear but saw it coming.
Show has gone downhill past few years. Jokes on itself way to often.

Fun ride while it lasted.


I'm a little bummed to see it go, but at the same time I'm not. The latest lot of episodes were relatively weak, compared to prior seasons. I can see why Comedy Central would opt to not renew. I'd personally rather see the series die while it's still at least half decent, rather than run it into the ground.


Goodbye Comedy Central; Hello Netflix Productions. Futurama will continue.

What is dead may never die.


@samstag: Agreed! I believe they were all in it for the money only. They sure seemed to "mail-it-in" most of the time these past few years.


I used to be big Billy West Fan, but then when his wife grabbed a hold of his manhood and then stopped working for the Stern show, I stopped following him.


I love Futurama but haven't watched it in months... I noticed there was some page to save it on facebook but didn't click on it. Maybe it will come back again.