questionsdid you know the wiggles are retiring?


My daughter loved them, and now my granddaughter loves them, so I knew they had been around for about 20 years... they put on a great show for the little ones...


We saw them about 7 years ago, before yellow got sick. They were a lot of fun.
Fruit salad YUMMY Yummy!


Wikipedia says that they formed in 1991, so that sounds right. My kids never really got into them, so I haven't seen them live. I bet they will still produce good kid-friendly stuff though!


Sorry to hear that. I like them - and as an adult, I have often exercised along with them!!!


fruit salad....yummy yummy


But not Captain Feathersword, right?

He can't retire, he just CAN'T!


Oh the memories! We watched them on tv all the time, and I can't even tell you how many times we had to watch the Christmas video (anyone remember Jimmy the Elf?), usually repeatedly.


It seems the Wiggles are just a bit older than I am.

Haha, never really got into them. But I remember flipping their channel while looking for cartoons in my elementary school days.

They were annoying and silly. But I somehow feel sad and a bit nostalgic to know that they're retiring. I guess it's because I've grown up knowing their existence, and to suddenly find that they won't exist anymore, is a bit depressing.


Good riddance. (Seriously, c'mon, they kill me.)