questionsis it bad etiquite to eat poptarts during a piano…


If you are in the audience and not in the front row - maybe not. If you are the one at the piano - yup.


If you can eat pop-tarts at the recital, you can eat them in the car on the way. Bad form. Nobody dies of hunger during a piano recital.


Yeah, after actually attending the recital, I realize it would have been very, very bad to try to eat poptarts during it.


You will get crumbs all over the keys.

Oh, wait. . . you're not in the recital? Then what everyone else said.


@adadavis: Now that's a performance, eating while playing a piano!


Not sure exactly, because "etiquite" isn't in my dictionary. If you mean what I think you mean then I was in the same boat with @morriea. Also, you didn't have time to eat beforehand, yet had the time to fire off a question? Time management is a wonderful thing to learn. :)


Poptarts you can break off tiny pieces and sneak eat if your stomach is eating you from the inside out.. Much more preferable than to carry in a pizza and try to eat a slice.


Nachos, Piano recitals call for Nachos, at least in Colorado.


Pop tarts? You brought a toaster?


I would think it would be bad form to eat anything at a piano recital.


Most of the time light refreshments are served in the back. Eat and drink before it begins and during intermission only.

As someone who played in recitals and who could see everything that happens in the audience from the stage, it is not just disrespectful but also distracting.

You guys don't remember what this faux pas leads to in Seinfeld?

All that being said, I laughed when I saw the question because it was so specific and so obvious that you were typing this during the recital.


@morriea: Nobody dies of hunger during a piano recital.

Might be true of hunger but what if you had diabetes and your blood sugar was getting low?


@cengland0: Really? Health risk is different.


@cengland0: Then what are you doing in the recital, instead of taking care of your health issue? Also, if you have a condition that requires you to monitor your blood sugar, you should be well aware of your needs throughout the day and plan ahead.

Really though, you could slam down a pop-tart while walking through the parking lot.


@cengland0: You'd do what the rest of us do: quietly slip out to the lobby or restroom and do what you need to do to. Frankly, most of us keep glucose tablets or hard candies with us for exactly that possible situation.

Diabetes wasn't mentioned in the original question, however, so I don't think it needs to be part of the opinions offered.


Well, I see that you've already taken care of the situation. However, in the future you should handle it the way that every other proud American does - either eat them while driving or in the bathroom. Preferably while posting a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram update to tell us about it. :)


I would wait for a recess to eat...