questionswhat's the best source for king's cake?


This is a good recipe, very tasty. I generally make my own and I like cream cheese as the filling. You've just got to watch where you're biting and hope that whoever made it put something relatively large inside so it's easy to find.


Best source - some of the bakeries right here on the Gulf Coast CANNOT be beat!


Cream cheese filling, absolutely. The whole point is to get the sinning in while you still can.


Break a tooth? The king cake fetus is the tastiest part!


Having grown up near a large Polish population outside of Detroit, we always had pazcki. For those not familiar, they're like extra rich, slightly rounder (in the height direction), donuts, generally fruit filled and covered in powdered sugar. The really good ones need to be eaten that day, preferably in the morning, as they harden into hockey puck consistency by late afternoon/early evening.
Sadly it's been many years since I've had a good one (or one at all) as there don't seem to be a lot of Polish immigrants in north Texas.


@gt0163c: I'll bet you can find some Berliners in Texas. They're really the same thing, just different names. Of course they probably won't be as good, but nothing from your childhood ever is.


For those who don't know, they call it a king cake because they'll bake a prize or special treat inside the cake and whomever finds it in their piece gets to be king for the day. (or gets a trip to the dentist)


If I am going to pick one up locally, I go to Gambino's. They also deliver nation-wide. If I want to ship one to friends out of state I use them. The best King Cakes are the ones I make myself. I prefer a cream cheese/praline filling.

If you want an easy way to make one yourself, I recommend buying a mix from MamPapaul's and letting your bread machine do the heavy lifting as far as the kneading, etc. I've made these occasionally for years and they come out great. Take the dough out of the machine after that step and roll it out, fill it, shape it up, let it rise and bake it in the oven. Yummmm!


In our tradition when you get the baby you have to make the next cake within three days. This goes on until Ash Wednesday. Mom loves King Cake! So she makes the first cake and puts a baby in every slice.

You can always replace the baby with gummy bears for the stupid Yankees.

If you see the mailman drop a Gambino's box, make like a cousin and get an invite.


@belyndag: I will keep an eye out for MamPapaul's, though sounds like something I might need to trek over to Whole Foods or something for. Still, CAKE.


@inkycatz: I found the MamPaul's mix on Amazon the other day. You don't get an employee discount?


@belyndag: Well, it's mostly a matter of impatience on my part. :D

Wait for order vs. go out to store after work...


@inkycatz: LOL! The stomach wants what the stomach wants! And NOW!