questionsunadvertised restaurant menu items and deals?


The menu at In N Out is famous. There are more unlisted items than there are listed. My favorite order is garden cheeseburger, animal style. I really miss them (no In N Out where I live).


I just had a quick lunch at Taco Bell (yep. I paid for it later), and found out that there's an unadvertised $5 box featuring a cheesy Gordita rather than the Flatbread sandwich. It was a pleasant surprise.


If you happen to have an In-N-Out Burger near you, I suggest you order any burger with whole grilled onions and fries well done. I also ask for a packet or two of spread because I don't dig ketchup with my fries. Throw in a Neapolitan shake to wash it down, mmm...good times.

After years of ordering Animal style (bleah), it's good to try some of the better tasting combinations from In-N-Out.

Recently found a Five Guys nearby. I haven't found anything online...wonder what sorta secret stuff they have on their menu.


@sykotek - I think at 5 Guys every ingredient is on the menu, so there is no way to do a secret menu. Everything they have is up there and available in any combination.

I miss my In N Out...


@sykotek: Animal Style == Grilled Onions. Just pointing this out. Garden Burger == Everything but the bun (lots of lettuce holds it all together).


@shrdlu: Animal style is chopped grilled onions (frequently cooked to the point of caramelization it seems) + warm spread.

Chopped grilled onions and whole grilled onions taste significantly different in a burger, you should try it if you haven't, it's quite delicious.

Animal style reminds me of vomit...that could be because I've ordered Animal style burgers and fries for the last decade.

Your Garden Burger sounds like Protein style. I haven't tried any of the other weird varieties like 4x4s and the like. Someone recommended I try their yellow peppers last time I was in there...

@thumperchick: Thanks for the info. Their burgers and fries are quite good. It's a shame I have to drive so far to get to my closest Five Guys though.


@sykotek: Oh, sure, you're right. I haven't eaten there in at least six years. I've had both, actually, and I prefer animal style. Protein burger is just meat and bun, nothing else. Garden burger is no bun, and everything else. It's actually pretty, but VERY messy. I do miss their french fries, though.


Fatburger is a regional burger (imagine that) chain. They have a secret item called a Hypocrite. It's a veggie burger with bacon.


Here is a great article titled Starbucks Hacks written by an employee about getting cheaper stuff there. It involves some off-menu (secret) type items and cheaper items in weird ways to get the same thing as more expensive items