questionswhy do people park so close to me in the parking…


Do you have magnets in your trunk? :)

Actually, it happens to me pretty often. I drive a pickup truck and try to park out of the way so it will be easier to back out (especially in tight parking lots). Inevitably, someone always parks close and ruins my easy exit.


You know how a piece of metal can become magnetized if it is struck? My friend had so many accidents in his old pickup truck that I used to tell him is was magnetized the first time it was hit and it was sucking other cars off the road into it. Maybe that's what happened to you.


I have no idea, but the same thing happens to me. I try to park out of the way so I can easily get out of the parking lot.


heh no magnets and it doesn't seem to matter which car I drive. The beat up Jeep or the nice car with no mud/scratches/dents.

@wnyx585am: & @hackman2007: I like parking out of the way for the ease of exit too. Well & the few extra steps (hey I'll get em wherever I can!) and would think that would be the same reason for other people parking out there. but why not at least a full spot or two or anything away or something?

still not as bad as the people that park way out there and then purposely take up two spaces, I suppose.


Lemme axe you this: Do you take up more than one parking spot when you park out there? When I see shiny new cars intentionally parked in multiple spots, I'll park right next to them or even box them in if they're sideways. I mean, if you're straddling the line or parked sideways, you're just asking for it. "Oooooh look at this guy. He must think he's REAL important; taking up more than one spot and all. I'll show 'em!" If they park correctly and only take up one spot, I let 'em be.
I don't care how nice your car is; obey the rules and don't act like the parking lot is your private driveway.

I'm not a jerk, right?

Edit: Just read the last post. Glad you don't take up 2 spots! Those people drive me nuts.


For the same reason that birds always find your car to poop on even when in a sea of cars.

As the old Carpenter's song says:
Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.


@jeeperwoot: Here in the desert in a parking lot with 300 spaces there might be five by the street at the back of the lot with some scrawny shade from our thin desert trees, or more likely the store sign. There's always some jerk with a shiny sports car or SUV parked crosswise so as to hog every inch of shade. Makes me want to bump them, hard. So selfish! Back when I was driving my beat up 15 year old car I would snuggle up next to their driver's side so they'd have to get in from the passenger side. But I am driving my new car now and I love it too much to make statements with it. But not enough to hog all the shade.


I always park far away from other cars. Not because I have some awesome car (09 Dodge Ram), but because I don't want the OK quality truck that I do have not to be dinged or hit.

Also it's forced exercise, and that's never a bad thing.


I think people want to park close to other cars because it seems safer. Kind of like how people feel safer around more people. In this instance, it's people's cars instead of the owner of the person him/herself


Because they are just trying to screw with you. No one but @bsmith1 "parks with malice" or any kind of ill will, so why worry?

Yes, it makes you a jerk if you do that to someone who purposely parked far away in an empty area of the lot. It is not the tragedy of the commons if no one else is using the commons. If someone takes up two spots close to an entrance, it's a different story.

However, if someone has a big car and cannot conceivably take up one space, they are showing responsibility if they park in the middle of two spots to prevent taking up three spots by trying to park in a single stall. I have also seen a handicapped person park and take up two spots farther away from the entrance because all the reserved handicapped spaces were taken.

The bottom line is, you don't know the circumstances of someone choosing where and how to park. Purposely going out of your way to do that to someone is both vindictive, pointless and makes you the bad person out of the two.


@bsmith1: I've resorted to doing that because I got tired of people intentionally banging their doors into mine. I figured, at least I'm parking far enough away that it's not like I'm taking the most desirable spots.

Guess there's no escape from passive aggressives.


When my son was still an infant, I would park as far away as possible so that I could get all of his gear in the car without a lot of fuss. One time, in an almost empty parking lot, I came out and discovered a beater car parked so close to me I couldn't open my car doors. The car-seat was clearly visible in my car. There were 40 empty places around and here he was parked literally on top of me with plenty of room and empty spaces right next to him. It took a lot of manipulating to get my son and everything into the car. I've never been so mad. I actually sat there and kicked his car. I had to climb over the passenger side to get into the driver's seat.
I've also been the first person in a parking lot (the store was just opening) and watched a car careen into the parking lot and then spend 4 minutes, trying to park right next to me. Reversing repeatedly and lining up and everything. It was hilarious. People are bizare!


Animal magnetism, of course.