questionsany wooters near los angeles want a dog?


And a photo of the guy in case you're too lazy to click through to the Craigslist posting:

We're thinking Dalmatian, Great Dane, American Bulldog, Greyhound, German Shorthaired Pointer or English Pointer. Or could totally be none of those. He's been a great dog!


He looks like he's a friendly guy. My wife and I were talking the other day that we've had our dog a year now and are wanting to get another. If we were closer, I'd certainly take him home.

Good luck. Surely someone will want him.


Oh, and he looks like a boxer mix -- maybe Boxer/Dalmation? My brother has a fawn Boxer and he has the same shape and build to him, although much smaller than 60 lbs


Seems unfair that you can keep the other dog but not one a little bit heavier.

I'll pass this along to family and friends. My sister has wanted a dog for a while.


He's beautiful! Please, please someone adopt this beautiful dog and give him a good home!

@thewronggrape: Please make sure he goes to good dog parents who will treat him with love and kindness.


I will lay down money that this is a Great Dane. I am guessing from the picture that he's about 7 months old. If I were anywhere near you I would be on my way to your house right now. Please try contacting Great Dane rescue in yor area and see if they can take him. Unless your city shelter is "no kill", please do not take him there. You will have any number of non-profit "no-kill" community shelters and they should be able to place a fine looking young dog like this easily. I forwarded your post to Great Dane Rescue of El Paso, a dane rescue list and a dane appreciation list on Yahoo, to see if they can give me any contacts in your area. Please don't let this little guy get euthanized! And thank you for taking him in and gioving him a safe place to be till he can get connected with a permanent home.


Oh man, I forgot, don't go to "Gentle Giants", they have a terrible reputation.

Here's a list of California Great Dane rescue groups:

Try posting him here:

On the breed question, compare heads:


He looks like a sweet dog! I'm located in the midwest, otherwise I'd offer to take him. Really hope you find him a good home!


have you tried swinging by a vet or shelter to see if he's chipped? good luck and I really hope you find a home for him!


Take him to a vet to see if he's chipped.
Check Craigslist for lost dog listings.
Check your newspapers (regional and local) for lost dog listings.
Check with all of your area police depts for lost dog listings.
Check with the SPCA for lost dog listings and let them know you have a foundling.

Maybe talk to your landlord, offer to put down an additional deposit to cover the new dog?

If you can't find someone to take him, look for a no kill shelter do not take that sweet dog to the SPCA. They'll give him a certain number of days and put him down.

If anyone does express interest in adopting him, do diligence to research where and who they are. People with dog fighting businesses will take pets for bait and training. People sell dogs for medical testing and scour "found" pet ads.

We have a foundling in our house and he is the sweetest most appreciative dog.
You found him (or he found you) for a reason, it is your duty to do right by him.


His long limbs and how he sometimes looks so awkward using them had us thinking he must have some Great Dane in him, but you never know for sure. We thought one of our dogs was a black Lab mix for most of her life. Turns out she was mainly Rottweiler with no Labrador whatsoever!

We would love to keep this guy but our landlord said no and is pretty upset that we've had him so long: "It's been a week, which is more than a day." He's a grumpy old man and insists we drop him off at a shelter. We don't want to but we're running out of options. We've only been in this place since January and do not want to be the difficult new tenants. We've contacted a few rescue organizations with no luck so far.

We had him scanned and he's not chipped. He's been amazingly patient and playful with our 25-lb dog. He has these weird cuts on the tips of his ears—my guy thinks they're rat bites!

Here's a video of him playing with our dog:


@hessem: We've done most of that but have not checked the local papers. We have posters up around the neighborhood and posted on Craigslist when we first found him. Also searched CL for any Lost Dog ads and talked to a few neighbors.

The condition he was in makes us worry about where he came from. He's bony, with what seems like a malformed rib on the left side (like it was broken and didn't heal correctly) and a strange permanent indent on his back (as if he had a saddle on). Both of his ears have cuts and scabs on the tips. Despite all this, he was surprisingly clean when we found him. Not sure how long he was out loose. We live in a very busy urban area with tons of traffic and people. Lots of homeless people around here keep dogs so we do wonder if he was abandoned by or got away from one of them.

Our current dog we found at the end of June. He was sitting under a car. He was chipped, but the owner didn't want him back, so he's ours now! :-D


@thewronggrape: What a helicopter tail he has! Your craigslist ad is terrific. I'm sorry you're faced with such a painful dilemma, but it sounds to me as if you've covered all the available bases. If you have to take him to your local shelter, keep reminding yourself that you did your very best to find him a home.


Local Great Dane Rescue recommends checking .


We have some good leads! A rescue group we have been in touch with may be able to take him tomorrow to one of their fosters. They plan on getting him a checkup, neutered, and his rabies vaccine.

At the same time, a lady responded to my Craigslist posting with a very well written email about how she has been looking for a hiking buddy and life companion. If this rescue group goes through, we will let her know she can adopt from them. Also, she lives in the neighborhood and we can visit!


Best of luck...wish I could help though.


@capguncowboy: and every one else who said wish he was closer to them :

There are groups that will transport dogs/ cats across country to new homes. ( pilots for paws is one) and driving transport relays going all over the country all the time.
If you want him. It can be done.

Heck. I'd even donate for a chip in if you wanted to get him on a plane to you and /or to get him ready (vet) to travel. I bet some other wooters and your friends and family would too.
Where there is a will there is a way. So speak up. post back if you are serious.


fanstastic update. keep us posted.
If this group doesn't work out. Please let me/us know. I'll be checking back.
I have a friend who does feline rescue in LA. she might be able to connect up with a dog group.

I emailed a couple friends in S. Cal who can't have dogs where they live , ask them to ask friends.



didn't have time to edit and add.... sometimes if you can offer to make a donation ( these rescue groups are always hurting) to help w/ his vet care, that will help them be able to take him.



UPDATE: It's been a very busy day! We decided to go with the woman who responded to our Craigslist ad. She sent a very well written reply detailing what she was looking for in a dog and her own history with dogs (she is used to having large dogs). She currently has a cat, but she loves hiking and going to the beach and wanted a canine companion.

We met her face to face and checked out her home. We then went to the vet together with the big guy and coincidentally, she uses the same vet we do. The vet determined that he was malnourished and underweight and probably has worms. He thinks the dog, who we all thought was a large puppy, is actually around 4 years old! Other than that, he's healthy. Got some meds for worms and first round of vaccines. We split the vet bill 50/50. He'll be neutered when he puts on some more weight.

Then we went to Petco and she bought TONS of toys, a new leash, new collar and dog food. She already had some basics from her late dog. [cont.]


[cont] We left him at her place, whining a bit, with her cat hiding in another room. They will only be about a 20-minute walk so we'll definitely be visiting, especially since our little guy loves playing with him! Here they are saying goodbye:

We miss him already but are so happy he's now in a safe home. We're definitely going to be checking in on them. Thanks everybody!


@thewronggrape: I'm so happy it turned out well. Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope the cat and the dog will come to like each other, or at the very least, can at least tolerate each other.

Just a suggestion if you haven't already done this: Inform the new owner that if it doesn't end up working out, she can contact the Great Dane Rescue organization that told you they had found a foster family.


@thewronggrape: So happy to hear a nice home was found ! 3 cheers for "furever" homes.
Let us know when you and your doggie visit.

I hope she keeps the cat separate at first, on the off chance that this dog is cat aggressive.
I have the opposite. Nice kitty ( showed up at my door) and a friend brought their dog over and this cat ran jumped up from where he was sleeping and jumped on top of this very elderly cat friendly beagle. I got scratched too trying to get him away and then hearded him into a back room. He slammed against the door growling the entire time they were here ( over an hour)
He is very nice to new cats, and is not even the alpha in our home. A mystery to his past and what made him this way.
Just sayin' the most mellow nicest dog or cat, could turn out to be aggressive toward the other .


so glad you found him a forever home with a good person!
you went the extra mile for him, I'm sure he appreciates it!

this world would be a much better place if it was filled with people like you who take it on themselves to do good.

: )