questionsis my triangle black or purple?


90 or above is black, and it certainly looks black to me.


Does it really matter? It's not like it should change how you participate on this site...


Thank you for the answers! @falcondeal: sorry if you just read the title of this question but if you paid attention I went on to sarcastically (sorry if that went over your head too) describe that I will be celebrating by continuing my day in a very normal fashion (because yea so what I got a black triangle). And a normal day for me includes checking out Woot multiple times and participating. Sorry if you misinterpreted that as "now that I have a black triangle I will participate on this site in a different manner than I have been."


@soboehmer: I did not interpret any of that from his answer. Anyhow, as I well know, black today, purple tomorrow fairly easily. Enjoy while you have it.


Looks like black at 94. Kind of like this: ▲


Black as my heart. Congratulations! Blackangle dues are to be paid by the 15th of the month. You'll get your bumpersticker in the next few weeks. Wield your new power well, my friend!

In the meantime: Go, Caps!


Does my triangle make my butt look too big?.....:)