questionshow come fedex smartpost tracking works while the…


That has happened to me on all the carrier's tracking. I usually use this, it's more accurate:


@pickypickypicky: Thanks for the link but I probably won't pay for tracking. PS the package was in the mailbox when I got home. USPS does not even indicate that the package exists on their tracking site.


That tracking number is a FedEx tracking number, not a USPS tracking number. FedEx tracks the package until they hand it off to your local post office. Then it's out of their system. I've had these packages before, and once FedEx shows it's delivered, there will be a message to the effect of, "Please allow 1-2 additional days for delivery."


@jazzsinger: There was that message but the FedEx tracking kept giving USPS info after it, while USPS tracking on the # showed nothing.


@mybestuser1: I have never paid, the site only charges If you want the tool on your own website.


@pickypickypicky: Good , I bookmarked it and thanks again.


@pickypickypicky: Bookmarked here as well...thanks for the awesome link!


I'll have to be more mindful next time, but I think I follow the following procedure:

I track on Fedex until they say it is at the Post Office.
I track it by the Post Office when they have it after Fedex's pass-off to find when it is out for delivery.
Seems to work for me. Either that or I'm calmer than I thought.


@srfoolishbuyer: In this case the USPS never did show the package in their tracking but FedEx did show the USPS's actions in the FedEx tracking. Could be a new policy in smartpost or just USPS not bothering with posting the tracking.


@robingraves: I just like the fact that it takes any tracking number you throw at it, and figures out what it is, since vendors sometimes don't make it clear. That and the child in me enjoys the sweet map feature. Glad to share it.


USPS, FedEx, and UPS have an arrangement to deliver each others mail and packages with USPS doing the "last mile" and FedEx and UPS doing the air freight. FedEx/UPS tracking works because you're paying a premium for that service. You don't get the same level of tracking with USPS because it's cheaper and FedEx/UPS doesn't make it available because why would you use Fed/Ex or UPS when you get the same level of service - delivery and tracking - for cheaper with USPS.


I use the package buddy android app. It allows me to set both the Originating and Delivering carries for the same package. This way, I get tracking updates from FedEx and then from USPS once the parcel is handed over.


@first2summit: I believe we don't get the same level of tracking by the USPS as with FedEx and UPS because the government runs the USPS, and we all know how great the government is at running anything.


@thebopster: I'm not sure you understand the situation. Some time ago, the USPS had hundreds of contracts with a bunch of different carriers to carry mail and packages. Then they teamed up with FedEx and UPS where FedEx & UPS handles the logistics of getting all the packages to the destination cities. The USPS then carries the mail to the last mile, i.e. from the post office to your house. The USPS also carries some of FedEx and UPS packages that last mile as well.

As for the tracking, the USPS hands off the tracking number to the FedEx & UPS. What FedEx and UPS doesn't do is make the info available to the USPS site for the reason I stated - USPS is cheaper than FedEx & UPS but for regular delivery of packages, it's all on the same plane and delivery process. So why pay the higher prices for FedEx & UPS if you get the same delivery and tracking as with USPS? You wouldn't so FedEx and UPS blocks that info to differentiate the product.


@thebopster: Have you thought about why gov has a hard time doing things well? They, in fact do a lot of things wel, but people just focus on the negatives.

Anyway, you have to consider that gov's hands are a little tied in that they have a limited amount of money (trying to keep taxes low - and yes, they are low) to do A LOT of stuff. So with little money, they can't hire A & B players and have to go down the chain a bit. You want a well functioning system and employees, then you have to pay for it but that means competing with other public sectors orgs AND private sector which means higher wages and all which means higher taxes.

Net-net is that people have very unrealistic expectations - wanting a lot for very little cost.


This smartpost is basically FedEx transferring to your local USPS(never saw package on Fedex website) while the post office delivered it to the doorstep. In this case, there's no difference between USPS doing it all or not as far as tracking results go.


I just called FedEx to track my SmartPost package after it was dropped off with USPS.

The FedEx rep looked up my FedEx SmartPost Tracking Number and said to just add "92" in front of the FedEx tracking number and the USPS will recognize it.