questionssince jeff bezos is buying the washington post…


It's been announced that this deal has nothing to do with Amazon and is a "Jeff Bezos only" deal. Pfooey.

On the 21st of each month, Page Three will have a secret code entitling the first five decoders to a BOC.


The Good: The Washington Post will not go the way of so many News Papers, and keep 'printing'.

The Bad: if you want the paper daily you need to subscribe for Washington Post Prime or pay extra.

The Ugly: the Post becomes inconsistent with its deliveries and cancels peoples subscriptions for a different reason depending on who is in the office and when people call up to ask why they are kept on hold listening to a perpetual all acoustics elevator music with a lounge singer singing 80's 90's rap in a Robert Goulet fashion.


All I ask is he brings back the Ear That No One Reads. A tiny little thing, but it has been missed by many.

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It makes you wonder why they would buy a newspaper when everything is shifting to digital and online. You can get news on any event online for free long before a single letter is printed. Paywalls for online news sites don't work that well. Really the only thing the new "Wootington Post" has going for it is the editorials and any exclusive investigative journalism. Maybe Bezos has some kind of plan to use the news on the Kindle or something.


@thadvithey78: Bezos seems to be pretty good at collecting data and forging new territory. Whatever he has planned, I'm expecting it to be a viable change.

WaPo online is one of my favorite news sources.