questionsdo you think it is fair to 'game" the system?


The secret of the black triangle is that very few people are active compared to the way it used to be, so following igzz's simple steps work now where they probably wouldn't have in the past.

I don't necessarily provide quality or quantity, but somehow that black triangle has stuck to me for lack of competition.


It's not fair, but that's the way it is.

They won't give us rules, but that's the way it is.

Deals randomly disappear, but that's the way it is.

Frankly, deals.woot is becoming more and more like a certain film noire piece from a few decades back which starred Jack Nicholson.

Deals.woot is dying ( as mentioned above ) for a reason.


@samstag: I agree that the "active members count" has definitely gone down -- who wouldn't?
Once you obtain your black triangle, I do feel that it is easier to keep it. That may be part of the algorithm...we may never know...
I do know that a black triangle does seem to get you some respect, but honestly unless you're out here actively commenting and answering (helpful things), you won't get that full respect...same thing as in real life -- you gotta earn it!


@sgrman05: Months ago I used to fluctuate between black and purple on a weekly basis. I was never black for more than a week. The time it finally stuck coincided with a rapid decline in overall activity at deals.woot.


This is why WOOT wants you to have a black triangle (which indicates a high level of activity): is worth $4,106,208. This makes the 85 most valuable site on Stimator dot com. scored 444 for Page Rank, 2,304 for Backlinks, and 4,410 for Traffic Volume.

Also, scored 1,968,300 for Social Bookmarking, 1,738,620 for Directory Inclusion, and 36,090 for Domain Value.


@klozitshoper: Fair to 'game' the system? Only if woot/deals deems it fair. It wasn't fair to game the recent BOCs. ...And then it was.

It didn't seem fair to me that someone could be in the top 15 for WEEKS when they had almost NO activity. No new deals, no comments, no voting, no questions, et al. Gaming? In this case, not according to deals.

It seems the rep algorithm has changed after Shawn Miller's comments. Before that, questions asked were heavily weighted. Now it's deals added. Good deals, that is. The top 15 are in total flux. If you want to achieve one of those slots - find a deal that will get you a boat load of up votes. Is that gaming? To me, it's no different than the gaming that went on before. Just a different algorithm/game.

@psaux: :-D 'One flew over' you and gifted you w/clarity & eloquence. I agree w/everything you said. Thank you!


deals reminds me this sometimes from the TV Show Caprica:

Part of the game is figuring out what the point actually is.


I don't understand the point of personal DW rankings. I never have. It really doesn't matter. Good questions, advice, answers and deals will be rewarded simply on their own merits.

Fairness is not the question you should be asking. Why does it matter if another person has a black triangle for a while?

EDIT: All this is ironic considering I just noticed I have a black triangle.


@klozitshoper: These stats are pretty accurate for a site like WOOT or blogs that depends on traffic to sell advertising. For a retail store (like mine) the stats are not very useful.


I don't game the system. I don't really participate much on the community deals side either, I hang out in ATC and vote/comment as I'm moved to. I don't think I should have a black triangle at this point. I had to put in some good deals and a lot of time last year before I got to black and have done relatively little to maintain it.


The questions asked/answered are a farce, as we all know. The truth is found in this answer from shawnmiller.


This is a flippant answer, but Deals.Woot is flippant.
You can't game the system when the system is rigged.
Why else do free and lingerie (hiya @ohcheri) tags end up at page 30+, but the same-old DVD and game and coffee and MP3 deals are always at the top? It's the same dozen people posting the same types of deals everyday, but they get boo-koodles of upvotes from the minions.
Honestly, how many upvotes actually translate into a sale? It has to be a paltry number, less than 0.1% IMHO. Maybe if they tracked click-throughs or had sales reported back, you could get an accurate Popular Flow page...but I digress.

I go back to what I first said:
You can't game the system when the system is rigged.


@lumpthar: Exactly. You can tell by the Leaderboard that customers want to find ohcheri and lingerie. Both search terms has consistently been in the top 10 search terms since they manipulated the system to not allow items tagged #sexy, #lingerie and #free on the Top tab.

The Gods o' Woot are unconcerned with what you want to find or buy here on deals.woot. They do not receive compensation for 99% of the products for sale here. They only want your mouse-clicking fingers to appear here on a regular basis.

Hence the reputation system which really serves no other purpose except to create competition amongst the Woot community.


Does it really matter? No one really cares what color anyone else's triangle is. In most cases I don't think they even care what color their own triangle is.


@panthiest: yadda yadda yadda

It appears the algorithm has changed.

I will be releasing a new Black Triangle cheat sheet soon.

Hold onto your seats.


@iggz: Do you downvote your own comments, or is someone out there so biased against you that they downvote you no matter what?


@lumpthar: They do track the click-throughs. Go to any deal and look at the stats. You can see how many times it was clicked, commented on, viewed, voted against, and voted for.