questionsanyone know of a ergonomic back-lit keyboard?


Your computer can most likely support two keyboards at the same time. So you could just get a standard keyboard solely for gaming and still use the 4000 for typing. (I have the same keyboard & I love it.)

You don't have to disconnect either keyboard, just slide out the one you want and tuck the other one away.


I guess the issue i have is after a little while of gaming my wrist begins to hurt unless i use an ergonomic keyboard, otherwise yeah i would go with a standard back lit


All I found when searching for one are posts and articles complaining that there isn't a single one on the market.

Actually, I did see one article stating that Microsoft was going to come out with one, but it's from 2008.

You could get an electroluminescent sheet and use that to convert your current keyboard. The letters wouldn't be visible, but you'd be able to see the outlines of the keys.


Thank you for the help. I was thinking about using something called el wire that i read about and running it behind my keyboard keys. i was also thinking about trying to find keys from a back-lit keyboard and swapping them out on mine, if that would work, i am not sure, so the el wire would illuminate the letters.


I've been looking for the same thing, no luck.
I've come across enough people asking this question for about 3 years now that you would think someone would have released one by now!


EL Wire = ElectroLuminescent Wire
EL Sheet = ElectroLuminescent Sheet

I've never used it, but my thought was that an EL Sheet would provide more uniform backlighting than a wire. An EL Sheet could be cut to fit around where keys attach to the chassis.

I have a second MS 4000 at the office, so I'm looking at one right now - The keys along the split are wider than normal, especially the "T" and "N". That might make finding suitable replacements from a standard backlit keyboard difficult, but I like the idea!

I found this thread that mentions using EL Wire and an EL Sheet to do exactly what you want. Unfortunately they're just throwing ideas around, so there's no instructions offered.

Here are a couple of sources to buy it:

If you do this, you should take pictures as you do it and you could be the hero that posts a tutorial online.


Wow $380 . That is in no way worth it. The design looks like it would end up being uncomfortable as well. I was thinking about before i try replacing my keys with back-lit keys from another keyboard, that i might try glow in the dark stickers with the el wire or sheets behind the keys. Do any of you think that might work?


I got one of those Microsoft keyboards. I didn't pay $380, but it was still overpriced. It was barely ergonomic and barely backlit. Iceman, your surmise is correct, I could never quite adjust to it. The light was so dim as to be barely worth it. Tried stickers, also useless. I keep waiting, checking, waiting, checking...


Or just make one yourself...
Like so

El-wire is all you need and some time, good super glue skill.


Typo did you modify the keys? If not how visible is the lettering on the keys?


No i didn't modify the keys...

I am still waiting to see one show up on the market where the keys themselves light up.

this one is still working just fine though. the backlit i have helps a little... but finding that f9 key in the dark is still annoying.


I own the adesso one, huge disapointment, You have to put like 25 pounds of pressure on the keys for them to work. I touch type and after trying to write a school paper with that keyboard I ended up putting the microsoft one back on and using my lamp on the desk.


I agree, it's terrible. I stopped using it after a few months.