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I think coffee is Hot, Bitter, Dirty water, but I can understand why some people like it. I don't get these, once you add ice and all that sugar why don't you just go ahead and get a soft drink? There is no way these taste better than a nice cold IBC Cream Soda!


@tygerdave: Soda is too bubbly/gassy for some. And coffee is an addictive substance. But I do love me some cream soda on occasion.


@tygerdave: If it's bitter, they're doing it wrong. I say pretty much the same about single malt scotch. Have to agree about the Cream Soda. It's been years since I've had one. Kind of partial to Stewart's Diet Orange'N'Cream Soda. Our local Ace Hardware gives away fresh popped popcorn right by the registers, and conveniently near by is the ice chest full of Stewart's drinks for a buck each. It's cute to see all the Granddads making their grandkids very happy.