questionswould you like to hear about a funny woot support…


Priceless! Thanks so much for sharing a good CS story. I enjoyed the humor. And, CS deserves the kudos for that one!!


Awwwww... That's a nice little story; thank you for sharing it. I always enjoy stories where there's a personal touch involved in the official communication.


nice. the time i tried to send someone a gift, the order was cancelled because the ship to address was not the same as my billing address.


@jthebird1977: Usually that's because your credit card issuer declined it (as a security measure), not because Woot itself did the decline.

Next time you need to send something to another address, as a precaution you can call your credit card issuer (flip the card over, call the number on the back, if they're not the right department they can usually give you the correct number) and ask them to note your account for a second mailing address. They may call it something else, but what you want is for them to verify that the charge will be okayed.


Also, if you want to order something from another country your card may be blocked for fraud so you might want to call before that too. Happened to me last week, haha.