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(Not a lady but) I typically find these to be fairly lame. The innuendo typically isn't very clever and often strikes me as kind of douchey. Particularly the ones that are blatantly sexual, not even a joke.

If it's a very reserved person (such that such a shirt would be out of character) or the innuendo is exceptionally clever or even not obvious right away, then it could be funny. I get the appeal to the general young male demographic, but it's really not my thing. I can't think of any lady friends that have really ever liked them, either. A couple with particularly good senses of humor might appreciate the joke, but still not be a fan.


Most t-shirts with slogans are just for "bros".

If someone is 30+ and wears this as a shirt, we can assume a few things:
Single (never-been-married), works but doesn't put money into a savings account or retirement fund, has a significant other but won't commit, hangs out with friends from the high school football team on a daily basis, drinks a six-pack every night, wears a baseball cap with the brim either off to the side or completely backwards...basically all the signs of an immature adult male.

On a side note, people still buy posters at 30? I never found this practice appealing at any age.


i think "Regular Price: $14.00 Our Price: $0.99 (you save 93%)" pretty much speaks for itself.

no1 no1

I wouldn't take anyone who tried to talk to me while wearing that seriously. Indeed, I think that if anyone had ever worn such a shirt in their lifetime, I'd feel the residual douche baggery lingering on their skin and avoid them at all costs.


If I remember correctly, some of those video game cartridges would only work if you blew on them or jiggled them once placed into the console. Thus explaining the shirt.

However, anyone wearing that today is clearly showing a totally lack of maturity. It may be an in joke to those of us old enough to remember, but it is still immature by any standard.


@thetexastwister: No, it's a shirt that uses that to conjure up childish things in their heads. It's not an homage to classic video game systems. It's a childish design using that as an excuse.


From a male perspective, just no. Don't.


I'm grateful to the guys who choose to wear these types of shirts. It makes it easier to identify and eliminate those that are... not my type.
I'm not knocking the fun in making an obviously stupid innuendo comment at just the right moment with just the right people. I'm definitely guilty of making these types of "jokes" or guffawing at them like some hormonal 13 year old. But! I only do that with friends with whom I've already established a close rapport that allows this kind of loucheness. I would never ever ever broach this type of humour with a stranger or casual acquaintance, much less advertise it on my clothing. That's just... well, to be all snap-judgement-y about it, I feel that the kind of guy who would wear this in earnest is the kind of guy who wouldn't know how to please a woman--other than what he's "learned" from mainstream porn.


I looked at that and loled because I remember the kids doing just that. Then, I asked my son if he would wear such. He declined with an eye roll.

He came over to take Pop to work. He doesn't live in the basement.