questionsdid anyone get the under $3 walmart waffle iron?


Hi, I'm Fatty McButtcrack in the video, and I managed to get 6 of them. Thanks to @narfcake for the footage.


Please, these people won't commit breaking and entering for a waffle iron. Just assault and possible murder, but breaking into someone's house is wrong.


Let us stop blaming Fatty, and put blame where it belongs: CEOs that sit back counting their money with no glimmer of personal responsibility. Walmart loves this. They find it inconvenient when injuries/death cause them lawsuits, but absolutely LOVE this. They do everything in their power to make this happen.

You find it disgusting? Boycott such businesses. Or maybe you won't, as Walmart has baby diapers a little cheaper than the other store? I understand: Just like Fatty.


Umm no....
I don't shop at WallyWorld.
Don't get me started.


I got 2 on friday afternoon, along with several of their other hot items.

no insane crowds, just (surprisingly) happy employees and smiling customers. I was genuinely surprised and impressed by the the number of happy people I saw Friday afternoon.

The only exception was one low-level manager at target who was telling everyone "NO PRICEMATCHES ON BLACK FRIDAY!!!", which was eventually contradicted by someone of higher rank, to the delight of many shoppers.


Nah. I bought the $10 Waffle Stick Iron at JCP online. I used it today and love it.

It's been a great week for memes: Funky McButtCrack, Casual Pepper Spray Cop, Pepper Spray is a Food Product, Essentially. TFF.