questionswhat are your thoughts on not having smart phones?


True story.

I was at a meeting last night, and due to the limited wi-fi I couldn't access stuff. My friend had the most adorable old school paper organizer. I couldn't reach my cloud to get info, she had it right there.

There's something to be said about low tech. Good somethings.

Which is to say different things work for different people, and as long as it works for you, roll with it. You're also saving a bunch of money too, I bet. :)


I too do not have a smart phone and while it would be nice at times to have access to things via the internet overall I do not feel that the price of the data package justifies until I am forced to get one I will stay with a phone that just does phone calls and text messaging


I don't have a smart phone. I barely have a cell phone. All around me I see people unable to hold a face-to-face conversation, unable to drive safely, unable to remember or actually know anything, unable to focus for more than a couple of minutes, unable to assign anything in their lives a higher priority than whatever is going on inside that little machine. It is a compelling addiction, with the added danger that while engaged with the things people are oblivious to how disconnected they are from the real, flesh and blood world around them. The things are the single most destructive social force in my lifetime. I also find it very disturbing that knowledge has become so ephemeral. People don't try to learn things, they can access them at any time so why waste brain space on it? But there is a gap between information and understanding, and people who rely on outside sources for information never really learn to understand what it means and how it all fits together.


I have a smartphone and while I enjoy the basics (internet/email/camera) and it's nice to have some music when i'm out shopping with the wife and facetime is nice when I'm away on business. I'm required to have it for work so I do try to get the most out of it. I'm not into having tons of apps or games and I really hate social media (facebook, twitter) so I don't use it for any of that.

I hate seeing people that are so glued to their phone that they're missing time spent with family or friends. I find this rude and have quite often spoken up about this to my own friends and family.

@Moondrake: While I understand your reasoning I do not believe cellular phones are the issue. They do however exacerbate the problem significantly. I see the problem to be a growing lack of self control of all humanity. We are so babied now that no one has any reason to practice self control, patience, or even a general respect for those around us.

My rant for today :-)


The problem is people, not phones. Take away the smart phones, and they would just obsess about something else.

Many years ago, while wandering around Europe, people with cameras and video recorders drove me nuts. Some were so obsessed with getting the "perfect shot/perfect video" of the family in front of __ that they never saw the place except through a camera lens. And their antics interfered with the enjoyment of everyone else. And then they took the pictures/videos home and ignored the kids while organizing them. And then they bored all of their friends with them. And then they took a vacation somewhere else. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I imagine, somewhere around 200 BC, some exasperated wife was saying: "Junius, can you please stop scribbling on that scroll long enough to enjoy the sights? Must you record everything?"

In the near future, tech will be a brain implant, and we'll complain about the blank stare on someone we are trying to talk to.


I use my phone to call people. It doesn't have to be smart.


I haven't carried a cell phone (smart or dumb) in a couple of years. I hate the intrusiveness of them. When my daughter was living at home, I required dinner/breakfast time was no distraction time. Two weeks a year we would go camping and she could not take any electronics, including phones.

I must admit that I have a tablet with wifi - okay I have 3 tablets... However, I use it for reading and work. Very seldom do I have the opportunity to play around on it.I also had an mp3 player that was always on me up until it broke.


@moondrake: I totally lost my train of thought while reading that... am I a case, in point? Eep!

OP - If you don't want one, don't worry about it. I actually recommended my sister NOT get one, because once you go smartphone, it's very difficult to go back. And until you do, you don't think you need it.


@adadavis: "I imagine, somewhere around 200 BC, some exasperated wife was saying: "Junius, can you please stop scribbling on that scroll long enough to enjoy the sights? Must you record everything?""

Pretty close to the truth. Around 400BC Socrates complained about literacy destroying the minds of youths because he felt that having all the ideas down on paper led to a laziness of mind and an inflated sense of understanding.

Somehow I doubt he was the first old guy to complain about the latest tech destroying human culture.


What a refreshing question! So good to hear I'm not the only one who feels that the art of conversation is gone. People talk & text in sound bites. It seems that your personal company is not as important as their beloved phone...the texts they send/receive, the web site they must check, em's that could be there, the games they play. It diminishes true social interaction. And is extraordinarily rude.

Idle time for me. If their phones are on, then they're wrapped up in that. And, of course, they're always on. Never left at home, in the car, etc. They must have a fear of not seeing the most recent post on FB. Or something else of import. /sarcasm

Definitely not present in the here and now. And I have the distinct feeling that I would not be missed if I walked away. ...So I do.


I have a smart phone and use it constantly. But not while driving or in a social setting or during what is supposed to be a conversation. People who don't want one should feel cool about not having one.

I do love being connected wherever I go. I do not see them as the death of civilization, critical thought, social life, or intelligence. Variety is a good thing. So is having manners.

(Posted from Jelly Bean stock browser)


I just got my first smartphone a couple months ago. I've been trying hard not to be constantly involved in it and to focus on what I'm doing, and so far, I think I've been doing pretty w-
Oh, sorry, that's my brother
Hey bro! Sup? ... What? Nostalgia Critic posted a new video??? I'll go watch it right now!
Turns phone horizontally and watches video
40 minutes later
Oh man! That was awesome! I better tell Facebook!
Turns phone vertical and opens Facebook
"The new Nostalgia Critic was so great! Who knew Timothy Green was THAT bad"
Well, let's see what else is on my wall... Oh man! That's great! I'd better share that. And that! And-
20 minutes later
aaaaaaaaaand that! Whew! I feel like I was in middle of something... OH RIGHT! WOOT!
opens safari app
But yeah, I don't think I'm too caught up in my phone.


I never got a smart phone, and I am now officially living without a cell phone. I do cheat, I have a google number that forwards to my work and home (after hours). It also calls my tablet.

When I had a regular cell phone I could:
Send quick notes to email (work or home) (using text msg). On the long walk to the car at the end of the day I would always remember something that needed taking care of.
Send pictures to emails. (using pic text)
Text google for answers.
Free 411
Voice mail is texted to me if I did not answer the phone. I think that is a google thing but it could be Ooma.

I found people that did less with their smart phone then I did with my dumb phone.


Play the phone stack game

* After everyone orders, they stack their phones in the center of the table, face down. Even as the phones buzz and ring throughout the meal, no one is allowed to grab his device. If someone is unable to resist the smartphone's siren's song, he or she is responsible for picking up the check.*

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I have an iPod touch and a mobile 3G hotspot. I use the hotspot rarely ($9/mo. from Ting), but it's nice to have when travelling.

While it would be nice to have a smartphone, the data plans are just too outrageously priced compared to my $15/mo. for my personal cell phone. Especially since I'm on wifi almost all day long wherever I am.

I don't think the problem is the device, though. I don't have my iPod out when talking to people.


@omnichad: Can you use that mobile hotspot with a tablet? The one thing I'd like to have a smart phone for is to be able to use Intuit to take credit cards when I have an art table at community fairs.


I do not have a smart phone. I have an LG Rumor that I use for calling and texting. For me, a Smartphone is both too expensive and too dangerous--I would spend all my time online if I had one.

As it is, I inherited my sister's iphone 3s, which has been cut off from phone service but works as a Touch*, and I spend way too much time on it when I'm near a Wifi signal. Or when I'm not by a Wifi signal and I get the Angry Birds Star Wars edition itch.

*It can work as a phone with Skype, but since I have a regular phone I usually don't bother.


@moondrake: Yep. I had a Huawei mobile hotspot that Ting no longer offers. I don't see any mobile hotspots - they might just be out of stock. It works with anything that can connect to wifi with a password.


My thoughts on smart phones:
With great power comes great responsibility.
Some people are able to be efficient smart phone users without being abusers.


I have an Ipod instead of a smart phone because why would you want to combine someting so distracting as a phone with someting equally dangerous that plays music,games and provides info. The combination is asking for accidents. Keep smart away from your phone if you value your life and battery life. If you have played games on your smart phone you know that the battery may not provide much in the way of phone calls after the games unless you recharge it.


I am a tech junkie and I do very much enjoy my smartphone. That being said, I just got back from a 5 day camping trip where I was not even remotely tempted to turn it on. I pass no judgement on people without smartphones (in fact one of my friends who came up camping still does not have one). Occasionally I will still joke about someones lack of smartphone if the subject/situation comes up (what else are you going to say?), but generally it doesn't even come up. As long as I can call and text my friends, it makes no difference to me what they use for a phone. I do not play games on smartphones/tablets and only a tiny amount of social media, which I could live without.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Before reading all these answers, I was half convinced the spouse and I were the only people left in North America who don't have smart phones. We have seven year old Motorola Razr 3 phones. They don't even do texting. We use AT&T's go-phone plan, for which we each pay $100/year, and neither of us uses more than 20 minutes per month. We don't even turn the phones on unless one of us is away from home.

Sometimes I yearn for the whiz-bang stuff a smart phone can do, but I can't really imagine using one enough to justify the data plan costs.


@magic cave: Same boat here, sister. Razr on the GoPhone plan is $25/90 days plus rollover. I have about $50 that I can't ever talk out.


@jsimsace: Spouse tried doing the $25/90 days thing last month. Unsurprisingly, he forgot the renewal date and lost over $150 in roll-over time. Doesn't matter much, though, since we still never use the time up. I'm reluctant to add another $100 this year, though, since I suspect we'll [shudder] end up going to smart phones and I don't want to lose any residual money in the conversion.


@magic cave: Well - I used to do Go Phone. It was quite a rip-off as far as mobile phones go, at least if you consider $1 each day that you use it.

We use ours whenever we feel like it and pay $15/mo. for Net10. But our usage is closer to 150 minutes per month. Still use an internet-based landline for everything else.


SO VERY GLAD to hear from others who don't feel the need to be glued to a smartphone all the time.

I don't want a phone that is smarter than me. I don't want to pay for nonsense in which I have no interest.

I have an ancient LG Dumb Phone, I do not text, and I am not on FB.

Hey, you kids get off my lawn!