questionshow early are you willing to stand in line to…


I just spent 3 hours standing in line trying to renew my driver's license. I hate lines! I'm going to shop online this year.


I'm not going anywhere near a store on Friday during the day, but I'll be at Best Buy around 10PM for the midnight deals. That's as far as I'm willing to go.


Nope, my beauty rest is more valuable.


The last time I stood in any serious line was 6 years ago for the Xbox 360. 6-1/2 hours, that was palatable.

The next year when the PS3 came out, folks were camped out for two days ahead already. That's when I told myself "I'm getting too old for this $#!&."

That still applies nowadays.

If you know where to look, good deals can be had elsewhere too, so I just can't see myself wasting away so many hours just waiting to get into a store, let alone checking out.


Stand in line? har de har har!
No, I have never nor do I ever see myself in a black Friday queue.


There were a couple years that I stood on line at Best Buy because of some decent game system bundle, and laptop prices. I was getting them anyways, and the savings were enough for me to lose sleep standing in the cold.

Both years, I started standing outside at about 10:30pm, until the store opened (at 5 or 6.. whatever it is). But, that's it. There hasn't been anything in the past few years I've "had" to get that I saw as a doorbuster anywhere that it is worth doing again.


The only time I have stood in line is when I went with someone else (mostly because they wanted to go). I enjoyed spending time with them, so that was the only thing that made it bearable. That being said, I wouldn't want to spend more than 30 mintes in line with anyone, regardless of how much I liked them. Yes, I am a terrible friend.


I'm not willing to stand in line to buy anything. I will however take hot coffee down to the Walmart by my house and sell it to those in line for $5 a cup. :)


I might go, but I won't stand in line. The deals aren't THAT good.


I figure about noon on Friday is the ideal time to show up. Enough time to digest T-day dinner, catch a good night's sleep. Let the lines shorten a bit.

And I am most likely to be waiting in my easy chair, sitting in front of their e-commerce sites. Just sayin' ;-)


How about never? If I go at all it's at a reasonable time. I can't stand the crowds.


Were planning on getting at Best Buy around 9ish for the midnight stuff.
I want a cheap PS3!
I'm buying my mom a Kinect for Christmas.


@wickedd365: 9-ish ... pm or am? AM, you have a shot. PM, forget it.