questionsladies, what is your favorite men's cologne (that…


Personally, I like that lemon one they sell at Bath & Body Works.

whatever you pick, my best cologne-buying advice is to get a small bottle, even if the big bottle is cheaper by volume or comes with free stuff. Cologne/perfume goes bad after awhile, and after a year or so you might want a change anyway.


My warning: I hate Drakkar Noir. I think every guy that I went to high school with in the early 90s wore it do my opinion is completely biased!

My fav for the past few years has been Acqua Di Gio by Armani. They sell it at department stores like Macy's. IMO, it is fresh and generally wonderful and I buy it for my husband because we both like it. It is not a "musky" scent at all, so if you lean toward that style of cologne you may not care for this one.