questionswhere can i find cheap dvds?


I use a combination of Amazon, goHastings and eBay.

Normally I can find DVD's for a decent price there.

vote-for2vote-against used to be a good choice too, I don't know if it is anymore though


I'd recommend checking your local pawn shops. Most of them don't price according to the quality or demand of a movie; rather, they'll have all DVDs at a flat price of $3-5 and you can find some really good movies this way. Most of it will be the same 15 comedies, chick flicks, and action movies, but you can find some gems frequently.


Deep Discount has some cheap ones, but be warned: they take FOREVER to process and ship your order. You can also get a good deal at Family Video's deal of the day. I got Monty Python and the Holy Grail Special Edition on DVD for like $2. Also, do you have any places near you that buy and sell used DVD's? We have a Book and Music Exchange here in town and they tend to sell some DVD's for cheap sometimes.


@captainsuperdawg: I'm not being selective, but has been spamming me daily since I bought from them. I might have missed a checkbox somewhere but I reply to every email with an unsubscribe response. I suppose that someday they will quit. Back to the OP, I have found some good deals on Amazon for new, and also ebay for new/used. YMMV.


The chain of used bookstores in my area (Half Price Books) carries DVDs. The regular prices are reasonable (~$7 for a movie. TV show series varies a lot more). Clearance prices are very good ($2-$3 for a movie). And, when you're done, you can sell them back. I consider them a rental library.

Which reminds me, many public libraries have DVDs you can check out.

Amazon streaming sometimes has some good prices and you can rent some DVD downloads from iTunes as well.


@jsimsace: I know what you mean, but it's not a big problem for me because the e-mails always go to my spam folder, which I hardly ever check out. But on principle alone, I completely understand not liking them for being so spammy.


@gt0163c: Good idea, I forgot about Half Price Books, and they're in my area as well.

I'll be looking around for used DVD stores in the area too, I know some are around, I just need to check them out. Thanks!


If you have any Big Lots near you they have decent selection of movies ranging from $3-$5.

Be on the lookout for any Blockbusters going out of business as well.


Resale stores (Slackers, pawn shops, etc.) and craigslist are good.

Additionally, if you just want more movies on DVD you can usually just ask friends who have made the jump to Blu-ray. Most have tons of DVDs, no interest in them, and don't find it worthwhile to work to get rid of them for $1 apiece.


Try All new movies just $7.50 each. $1.99 ships any size order.


Hey try they are a smaller website but they have hundreds of late dvd for 1.99.


Buy cheap DVDS try All new movies free shipping any size order.