questionsare others having problems with adobe flash?


Current problems, no. I do have a problem with Adobe Flash, though.


Flash has always been a pile. I can't wait until HTML5 makes it irrelevant.


Can you do a system restore to a time before the update?


I know this sounds lame (like a Helpdesk response) but have you tried to uninstall it and then reinstall? Also, make sure you don't have multiple versions.

If that doesn't resolve your issue, let me know what version you are running? I had some Flash problems with a laptop I'm beta testing that I resolved. I'll check back on this question later.


This doesn't help with the question, but I have never had a problem with a machine that I associated with Flash. I know people bash it, and many want it banned, and HTML5 is supposed to finally run a stake through its evil heart, but Flash has always worked fine for me. What's supposed to be so bad about it? Is this part of an I-hate-Adobe cult?


Perhaps something went wrong during the updating process.

I'd recommend uninstalling, then restarting your computer, then installing it... see if that helps.

I too had problems updating... but my problem was that something was utilizing Adobe Flash in background and I couldn't figure out what it was, and the install would stop around 50%. Restarting my computer, and installing it again helped.


@nortonsark: The problem with flash is that it's a resource hog. On anything a couple years old, with not the best of components (basically everything in the Corporate sector), it can be a dog, bringing the computer to it's knees, and having playback issues.

though honestly, this is not a problem that Adobe has alone, a lot of software has little to no performance testing done anymore before it's shipped. Oh, hey, it works, get it out there, we'll fix the bugs later is a common mentality among software developers.


@mrmucox: I agree that code is often released before it is ready; but that will always be the case, at least until Hell freezes over. I am running Flash on ancient Pentium4 machines and nearly up-to-the-minute i7 machines and they all run fine with it and I can still multi-task - even on the older equipment. I just don't get the anti-Flash animosity.

Insofar as dealing with problem @jsoko is having, I like the answers given by @missellienc and @grimskull89 to un-install and re-install with a reboot inbetween. I'd also wait a few minutes after that reboot to see if any messages pop up objecting to the absence of Flash, just to make sure something isn't trying to use Flash while you are updating it.


It's called Flash for a reason... It stops working in a Flash...


You might be able to find an older version of Flash here:

Scroll down a bit...


Are other's having a problem with Flash? Everyone with an iPad.


The last updated totally was horrible. Firefox can't handle it. IE8 gets by ok.