questionswhere can i find a rechargeable battery with a…


Look for one of those portable car battery jump start booster pack thingies, similar to this one:


@narfcake: The only problem with those is potability. Those jump packs are about 8 pounds vs. the 1.5-2 pounds of the linked item. Thanks for the thought though.


@lagervsale: Impossible on the weight. The 12V 7.5ah AGM battery as called out in that spec sheet weighs 5-6 lbs alone.


@lagervsale: ... and you believe that one, whereas other listings have the weights in the 5-6 range?

It's not like it's some miracle battery. It's LEAD.

I'm not here to argue, since I'm helping you. Believe it if you want to, but I'm telling you that all the SLA/AGM batteries of this size I've ever dealt with (UPS, alarm panels, security systems, etc.) are in the 5-6 range.


This maybe too late, but as I work at batteries plus, I can assure you that amazon weight is wrong. As stated above, all in this size will weigh the same, if it weighs less, you have a false capacity on the battery.

And I have actually picked up that same amazon battery on many occasions, from different devices brought in.