questionsdid you hear amazon is going to start collecting…


Sad about this, yet not surprised. Thanks for the heads-up. Guess I'll buy a Paperwhite now instead of waiting for the possible 3rd generation to come out.


Amazon started collecting sales tax in Tennessee in January of this year. In the past few months, I've been finding myself buying my electronics from Newegg (which collects sales tax in TN) and BHPhoto. The prices were even lower on a few items. Shipping is a little slower, but I don't mind that much.

Looking back, I don't think it's fair that Amazon wasn't required to collect sales tax before. The law states that if they have a physical presence in your state, they should charge it. The fact they were able to get around it for the past few years isn't fair. I know it's the consumer's responsibility to report the unpaid sales tax at the end of the year, but who really does that?

Don't get me wrong, I like avoiding taxes as much as the next guy. I just don't feel like big business should be able to make these hand-shake deals that give them an advantage over the competitor.


Boo..urns....Strange because Florida is usually a tax friendly state: no income tax, and I live near the Florida state line and, at least in the bordering county, there's no sales tax on groceries.


@keckfitty1: Amazon does not have a physical business in Florida, but they're about to open a 1.1 million sqft warehouse facility near Tampa later this year and will employ up to 2,500 people. So they cut a deal with the State that they would start collecting on May 1. Probably some corporate handouts and property tax breaks were included too.


It's been that way in California. It has affected my purchases from Amazon, so now I buy more from Target and use the Red Card for 5% off.


@mistamoose: Man, I find myself doing that too. I live in TN, but only minutes from Virginia (TN has 9.25% sales tax vs VA has 5%). I go to Target in VA to save 4.25% sales tax, and then use the Red card too. It ends up being virtually no sales tax and I get it that day.


I think most of us knew it was coming, but I appreciate the heads-up on the start date. The addition of sales tax may affect my Amazon purchases, but not by very much. I have some nuisance-y mobility issues that make hiking across large parking lots and through big-box stores uncomfortable, as well as highly annoying if it turns out the store doesn't have what I need. I do nearly all my shopping online and will probably continue doing so.

@keckfitty1: Florida does not have sales tax on groceries, although the definitions of "groceries" vs. "snack foods" and a couple hundred other taxable categories can be amazingly intricate and make for fascinating reading. Equally amazing is the amount of lobbying manufacturing interests do to argue that their products should remain non-taxable.


Welcome to the club Florida.
I'm in NY.
State Motto: "We have a tax for everything !"


I am in Texas, and we have been paying tax on Amazon purchases for a while. I have learned to buy from other sellers that are shipped by Amazon and qualify for Prime. Unless they are in your state, they don't charge sales tax. I have done this with some success, but it is not without issues. I bought a watch for Christmas that was supposed to be one thing, but turned out to be another. Still, with Amazon policies it has worked out okay with a few headaches.

As for Newegg, they have Shoprunner for shipping if you want the 2 day. I use it regularly for various things. They are usually cheaper anyway. The only issue I have with Newegg is the return policy.


@pyxientx: Newegg is flexible on their return policy if you ask nicely (it helps to talk to someone on the phone though, the online chat isn't the friendliest).


@capguncowboy: I will agree with the online chat not being so friendly. I will try the phone next time I have an issue. Thanks for the info.


I moved from FL to GA a few years ago. We here got hit with that tax earlier in the year, so welcome to the club. Now I don't feel so bad for moving.

This does change some things about how I buy. When I bought components for the wife's new computer they came from Newegg, not Amazon. I'm more likely to buy some things from the local Microcenter now, since I pay sales tax on both anyway.

One positive thing, if you are buying from a non Amazon seller who is out of state for you, but it is fulfilled by Amazon you still get free shipping if you have Prime, but don't have to pay sales tax.