questionswhat's the deal with coupon printing?


For future reference, it's only a request when prompted to rephrase the question. You can just hit the button and it will be submitted without any changes at all.

As to the question: Noooo. Evilness. There are so many coupon sites out there at require installation of the "printing software". Sometimes it's explicitly a virus that screws your computer up. Other times it's just a bad program that, without malicious intent, screws your computer up. Either way, your computer will get screwed up.

I'm sure there are legit ones out there, but proceed with caution. I'm sure if they exist someone here will vote me down then provide the answer to you. :)


Go to Download the printer software they request, which is the same software that's used by every major food site (, for example) I've ever run across.

My own rule of thumb is that any site that doesn't use that printer is not a site I want to trust.


Thanks everybody for the posts so far. I have printed out a bunch of coupons today and will go to walmart and hopefully they work.


@comeonstealme: as you plan to shop at Walmart, I HIGHLY suggest you print a copy of the Walmart coupon policy and carry it with you (

many cashiers and even managers don't actually understand their own policy - the printable version spells it out so they can't help but understand. you'll need it, unless you're very lucky. i keep a color copy in my purse for just such an occasion.

i personally use, as well as everything else listed thus far. i also tend to go to my local store (Jewel, here) on Sunday evening or Monday to buy an "old" Sunday paper for $.50 or $.25 depending on what manager is currently working. The coupon insert is absolutely worth it.

I created an email addy expressly for coupons. sign up for EVERYONE'S list - you'll get coupons emailed ALL the time.

don't forget that Target allows you to use both a Target coupon AND a manufacturer's coupon on the same item...HUGE savings available this way.


@gregorylikescheapstu: FWIW used to be the devil, but after all the internet backlash, they've cleaned up their game. the software no longer does anything but let you print the coupons & ensure that you don't find a way to print more than you're allowed.

i fully understand that they want to limit the printing (most likely based on their contract with the manufacturers), and appreciate that they've since removed the malware part of their software.

i believe the same was previously true of the smartsource coupon printer, but i didn't use it back in the day, so I can't speak to it specifically.

either way, both appear to be clean now, and pass multiple screenings on multiple computers for me.

yay savings!


Excellent place to learn and to continue your coupon use. Makes it very easy and time/money-efficient


there are 3 main engines for printing legitimate coupons from the web

and e-centives

each has their own little applet that needs to be installed to prevent abuse/fraud.

smartsource is one of the two major national coupon distributors that also does sunday newspaper inserts and the blinking little coupon machines in stores

Coupons dot com is the big name when it comes to internet printable coupons

e-centives is used by target on their website

all are harmless and have been around for years, and you can save a boatload of money using them.

most big stores will take them (target, walmart, kmart, safeway, krogers, etc) while some chains and smaller stores will not. I shop at winco foods, a west coast grocery chain, and they don't take internet printed coupons.

here's a fairly complete list of current "IP" (internet printable) coupons currently available in alphabetical order with links:


@gregorylikescheapstu: That's why you just print them out on a shared workstation at the office. If you haven't checked, chances are there is coupon printing software already installed on it.