questionswho is buying the ipad mini and is it worth the…


it's causing me to debate. This christams one way or another I'm getting an ipad so do I want better specs and acessories becasue less money or do I want the real mcoy and get accessories etc later ..

329 is a bit out of the 200 range ....


I'm a bit confused. I was just looking up the announcement...did they release an iPad 4 as well? Or is the iPad advertised on Apple's site the same "new iPad" that came out a few months ago?


I hoped it would at least be a little less, but I am actually considering it. Problem is I still couldn't really afford it if it were only $200.


I think I will just spend the extra $160 and get the real iPad. Assessories are already out for it so I can get them on the cheap and I really don't need a smaller screen (I actually prefer the larger screen for a tablet.)


@thedogma: The newer "new iPad" is actually a tad newer. They upgraded the A5 chip to A6X and they replaced the 30 pin connector with the smaller 8 pin lightning one. I think that LTE is new with it too. That's all I can tell right now, there could be so other minor differences, but for the most part, it's very similar.

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its actually a pretty hefty upgrade. This article summarizes alot of it

I love the title and the point is fairly sound though as far as I'm concerned Ill take it becasue its going to drive down the used costs and I might be able to get one for a song.


I have to go with...NOPE.

The problem from the beginning is that to compete, Apple cannot be seen as affordable. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it is an important marketing strategy to be more expensive and therefore "exclusive". Apple users happily pay the premium to have the latest "elite" gadget (and by many accounts better). I think that competing in the 7in market with Google and Amazon is a good idea, but it cannot be done on price.


I'm mighty tempted by the mini, although the $329 price came in at the high side of the estimate range. But I am glad that the base model is still 16GB, there was a rumor of an 8GB model -- way too small in my opinion, that was proven false.

As for the full-size iPad, they announced a 4th gen model today as well. Faster processor and lightning connector are the main updates from the 3rd gen (that was only 6 months old and already discontinued now).


@morriea: Yeah, definitely seems that way. Apple products have somewhat become more status driven than technologically innovative it seems...


As with most Apple products, it isn't until I actually see one and hold it in my hands that I will be able to decide if I want one.
Originally, when the iPad was announced, I really didn't know if I would want one, and it looked kind of funny on screen... And the idea of a giant iPod touch didn't make sense to me right away. But when I went to the Apple Store and actually got my hands on it, I was smitten.
I now have the hard task of deciding whether to upgrade my new iPad (3rd generation) to today's new iPad (4th generation)...
I have the iPhone 5 with the A6 chip, and my current iPad with the A5X chip just seems a tad slow compared to it... Oh, First World Problems™, indeed!

ps. I kind of want one of those 13" MacBook Pros with Retina Display too... And maybe one of those new Mac minis as well for good measure... And I will be visiting my Apple Store to see this new iPad mini when it is actually released. Must... Leave... Wallet... At... Home... :)


@s21: LTE was on the less new New iPad


@coondogg97: LOVE the name....Less New, New iPad.


Who, you ask? Apparently my husband! Worth it, you ask? That remains to be seen...


Doesn't seem worth it to me. It costs 130 bucks more than a nexus while having a lower resolution and half the processing power. Sure it has a 5mp camera that the nexus doesn't, but is that worth 130 bucks? I do like that it is 7.9 inches though, sounds like a good size.

The price just seems to close to a normal ipad. Why not just get an ipad 2 for 399? And now that the ipad 4 is out, the ipad 3 will be 399 pretty soon.


I like the bigger tablets. Smaller ones don't agree with my aging eyes very well, so I suppose my answers to the OP are "Not me." and "No, for a little more money you can buy a full-sized ipad(refurbished by Apple with the same warranty).


I was cross shopping 7" tablets and waiting to see what Apple would deliver.
Now, due to price and iPad4 shenanigans, I'm debating the Galaxy 2 at closeout or wait for the next Nexus.
So no, Apple alienated this consumer.

j5 j5

I'm torn to be honest. Lots of reasons actually.

I've been a pretty hardcore Android user. We've had quite a few Android phones in the house (and still have two). I also have a rooted Kindle Fire with Jelly Bean that I am very happy with at this time. My wife has a Nexus 7 that she loves.

We also have two iPods that we love. My work phone is an iPhone 4S.

So, with all that said. I am still tempted by the iPad Mini. Why?

Our iPods have been very good to us. I've jailbroken and went back to stock a few times. Good little pieces of hardware. Now, my work iPhone is interesting. I've had it Since probably February (i think). I have yet, other than updating it, rebooted or had to restart it - not once. It has been rock solid. No issues, period.

The same thing can be said with the Nexus and Kindle Fire. But, since I'm so happy with my other iDevices, I'm drawn to the new Mini. I can't explain why. I thought about it today and still can't put my finger on it.



iPad mini for me? Probably not. I have both the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 (early 2012 and screwed over) and I use my iPhone more than my iPad. I generally just use my iPad for school, everything else I could do much faster on my phone. 80% of the time my iPad is just collecting dust.

The iPad mini has a market for people who wants it though, I'm not in that market.

The new iMac is really nice though, but I bet they'll come up with a "retina display" version of it within six months tops. I'd love to see that inside my next BOC or after winning a lottery if I have to pony up nearly three grand of cash though. Back to topic, I wished they would've updated the keyboard or at least the magic mouse.

My Apple-fandom is starting to wither away in a fiery blaze now though. I feel that they should be up there in terms of meeting expectations and wow factor, but they're starting to feel like a Walmart store to me now; cheap, overrated and attracting a whole lot of weird people.

Honest opinion.


Update: So I was talking with a friend of mine right now and she mention that the iPad Mini does not have a retina display.

What kind of sorcery is this?!

Coming from an all out retina displayed gear, I find it hard (in my opinion) to go back to the "older" screens. I'm a freaking pixel peeper for crying out loud with a hint of OCD.

Don't get me wrong though, the older display is still good (as long as i'm not looking at them side by side with a retina display, I probably won't notice the difference). But I'm sure they're going to pull off that "Check out our new, improved, stunning new iPad Mini with beautiful retina display" about half a year from now. I just know it.

PS: I may be a hypocrite now I guess for an unreleased item. But really, Apple? Really?!


Let's make an oversized iPod Touch!... Now let's make a smaller version of the oversized iPod Touch!

While I realize that may be a little simplistic and a bit cynical, it's really not far from the truth. I mean, how much R & D do you really think went into these products? How hard could this have possibly been? We're talking about a company considered by some to be a leader in innovation! I have yet to see anything " innovative " from them. Though admittedly I'm a bit jealous of their massive success from releasing any random item and having the world ohh and ahh at it....


The iFan in me is not enthralled by those. Now those shiny new macbook pros, those are worth a look see and a half. :)


Not if steve jobs grew boobs and starting dancing from his grave at the Hustler club.

But I own a lots of aapl stock, so everyone else should buy their crappy products so I can keep seeing my investment skyrocket :)