questionswhat should i buy for my 100th woot? what was…


Good question ... I'm nearing the 100th myself, so I hear ya. The thing is, I've pulled this stunt off twice already ...

... so alas, I have no idea what feat of woot nerditude would be best as #100.


Wouldn't a BOC be the only way to do it?


Couldn't be anything except a flying monkey.


I'm at 69 myself and if you can get it during a woot off then that would be most ideal. Otherwise the only way to do it is by the same way you got close to 100, buying stuff you kinda need.


Mine #100 was a BOC from the May 2010 Woot-Off. Though I chalk it up to 80% fortuitous timing and only 20% master planning. It does make the milestone even more memorable.

A flying monkey would be pretty great, too.


I forget what mine was. I wish it was a milestone like a monkey, but it was probably a Flushlight.


@afurball: You bought 100 things from woot! within the span of one year? Impressive! I love woot, but I don't think I've seen 20 things a year that I would buy... Other than t shirts...


@claudicina: Yes! It's possible that I went a little overboard with the kids.woot site--gotta take care of those nephews and nieces.

But if I'm totally honest the Kids items were layered onto a substantial base of those quirky-cheapy and other Woot prime items--yes, like Flushlights & Roombas. Then topped with a decadent Wine.woot frosting, sprinkled with Shirts...and before you know it you're at 100. Or maybe just one strange-looking, nasty cake.


When I attained the coveted double black, "experts only" status, it was done with a rare shirt.woot flying monkey.

...fitting since that's where I do most my woot shopping.

♪♫ Congratulations to me, ♫♪
♪♫ Congratulations to me, ♫♪
♪♫ You'll soon be double black too, ♫♪
♪♫ It's for experts only! ♫♪


My 100th was a BOC. Hold out for it if you can. It took me a couple months to get it. My BOC was truly crappy, but worth it. You will always remember your 1st and your 100th.
Also, if there was something worth buying, just made my wife reluctantly buy it. Sad I know.
Good luck.


@afurball: Ha! So you had fun with it? Kudos! :)


Congratulations CENTURIANS! I am feng shui - ing my way to a less-mess free home and attempting NOT to reach the 100 mark but I am drawn to the race nonetheless.


Gotta go with mgscott and vote for a Bushel of Crepes.


How about a muzzle for yourself.