questionsis there a way to know your actual leaderboard…


As far as I know, give you your percentage rank overall, and specifically on questions, deals, votes. But it does not tell you your actual rank.


Look at the top center of the leaderboard (in your dashboard) for your overall ranking. You won't see your spot on the specific boards for deals and questions, but you can see your overall ranking.


The easy solution is to not leave the top 14. But otherwise, @questionsanswered got it covered.


Thank you! How have I not seen that before?

Very cool.

Now I now how big the mountain is that I must climb. Why? Because it's there.


@questionsanswered: Fascinating. Clearly you have another account with an actual black triangle, since (as we know) that particular toy only works for those with the black triangle.


You should see this too:

@shrdlu: I just like helping people :)


@shrdlu: Seems our toys may have been taken away. As so many have been. :-/


@gmwhit: That one works for me. Give it a second or two. It took a bit to show up, first time out (this evening, that is). Maybe it hadn't been used for a while.

{Wonder if AWS does swapping...}


But the others gave better answers.