questionsare you getting tired of ridiculous names for…


Doesn't bother me. In fact, I like the sound of "Famous Idaho Potato Bowl" more than I like the "Orange Bowl". And lets be honest, the "Rose Bowl" and the "Sugar Bowl" sound like they should be held on Valentine's Day, not very footbally sounding.

Footbally. Made that up myself.


They should call them what they really are:

Money Bowl
Cash Bowl
Moolah Bowl
Scratch Bowl
Dough Bowl
Cheese Bowl
Cheddar Bowl
Greenback Bowl
Paper Bowl
Bacon Bowl
Dead Presidents Bowl

Your "Toilet Bowl" sounds a little bit more apropos, though.


Hahaha the "Toilet Bowl"

Actually this one should be reserved for the football teams who are ineligible to participate in bowls because of NCAA sanctions, I'm sure there will be a few every year.


@tarasadies: That may be true regarding the Rose Bowl, but would you want to be pelted with potatoes after winning the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl?


@curtisuxor: Yeah, the bowl games are ways for colleges to get more money, but I do like my traditions and bowl games with absurd names that come and go like the wind really tick me off.

Mmm.... Bacon.