questionshas anyone updated their iphone 4 to version 5.1…


I have and haven't really come across any problems. All my games still work.


I have as well and I haven't seen any issues. All of the apps I've tried since updating (which is maybe half of my apps overall, and all of the ones I use frequently) have worked without issue.

I haven't seen any major improvements either, but from what I recall about 5.1.1, the fixes weren't issues I was seeing anyway


I can vouch as the third with no problems, and I've updated an iPhone 4, iPad 2 and current generation iPod touch.

Drink the kool aid and join the crowd :)


I have and don't see any issues on my iPad or iPhone 4s. You will run into issues if you jailbreak.


@gilifant, don't know what jailbreak is so guess not a problem.


@minkeygirl7: jailbreak is a synonym for "make cool"


@minkeygirl7: Haha, yeah it was really big when Apple started the iPhone, now they have incorporated a lot of cool things into apple that were exclusively available for people who "hacked" their phones. Good example is the notifications that drop down from the top.


Updated and all good from here. It is attached to my corporate network as well and working great.


I've had no problems, but then again, I don't have an iPhone either!


Updated my iPhone 4 to 5.1.1, update went smoothly. One problem I had with the previous OS (5.1?) was that this "Taco Bell" application kept coming back (that was previously deleted) every time I downloaded a new application. Doing the whole whole the icon and delete thing doesn't work because there's no X on the corner. Only way the Taco Bell app disappears is that I had to restart my iPhone and the whole thing starts again when I download something.

Hopefully that was fixed.


@joshobra: Possibly an app left checked in iTunes. If you had the cloud set up to download apps to your phone automatically it would go in or if you were syncing over wifi, etc it could continue to come back.


I kind of took out cloud and deleted the app from iTunes (also unchecked for automatic downloads). Before I would usually get a notification saying "error downloading 25 apps" or something and that Taco Bell app shows up with nothing downloading/ed.

So far after the update though, this hasn't happened.. so I guess it's fixed.