questionscan someone help me with information on buying…


To answer your last question first, generally the charging speed is limited by the device, no matter what anyone says. The charger can claim to charge something in 10 minutes, and that's great, but your device is only going to draw so much power at a time, regardless of the claimed capacity of the charger.

For the other questions, for something with 'Universal' in the name, there sure are a lot of different ports. You'll have to check the device specs to see what kind of connector it wants...generally mini or micro.

My suggestion would be to get a bunch of usb to whatever cables from Monoprice, as well as a few AC to USB adapters. That way you just plug the cable into any USB port, including the one in the AC adapter if you want to charge from the wall.


@stile99: Thanks. I'll do that. Much appreciated.


The major specification that you need to check when buying a charger (besides if it has the correct connections) is it's current capacity. If the charger's current handling does not exceed the current draw of your device while charging, it will not work properly.


You need to know what the current requirement of your devices is. The USB standard is 5V and 500mA for USB 2, USB 3 allows up to 900mA. Many devices now require more than that to charge. The iPad charger puts out close to 2000 mA. If you plug an iPad into a charger that only puts out 500mA per port nothing bad will happen, but nothing good will either: it will just sit.

Find a charger that matches your requirements.


@eviloverlord333 @wilfbrim: Thanks to you both. Is the current requirement one of those things you find in the specs? That technical stuff that I admit, I don't pay attention to.


Are you just looking for charges or are you also looking for data cables?

In general a standard monoprice cable will charge all your devices. But how fast it charges and whether that cable works for synchronization highly depends on the device. Amazon has a PowerFast charger for their Kindle Fire HD that delivers higher amps and wattage and will charge much faster than a standard cable (the description on their page has good data on the wattage and amps).

Apple doesn't comply with the USB spec with their cables. I think they short certain pins, but since the connector on the other end is different interoperability obviously isn't going to be there anyway.

You also don't say if you are plugging into a wall outlet or a computer USB port.

Be wary of very cheap chargers.


@jasmine: Look at this particular USB wall charger -

The spec you need to look at is the output of the charger. In this case it is 2.1 Amps/10 Watts (this should be enough to charge an ipad mini)

then look at this one -

The output is only 1 Amp (this will not charge and ipad mini)

You need to look at the specs of your devices (sometimes it takes a little digging to get the information as the manufacturer wants you to buy their OEM chargers) and choose a charger that will fit your needs.


@scmtim: @eviloverlord333: Thanks to you both. I'll be checking out the links you listed.
Haven't made my purchase yet so the info is very helpful.


In my opinion, brand usb chargers are always with high quality and standards, but at first you must take your device model into account, and see more reviews about usb you want to purchase, different model with different usb chargers.