questionsthe 300,000 deal?


How do you even know if you posted the 300,000th deal?


If my calculations are right, the successful Starbucks deal from this morning was number 300,000.

(Feel free to correct if I've counted that incorrectly.)


@dw1771: I calculated wrong the first time... edited my response and it'll make you happy again :)


@kalira: Just glad the 300k deal wasn't a total bust! We need to rally around it and upvote the hell out of it! Make it special!

And by "calculations" I assume you mean you went back and counted them all right!?! ;)


Everyone realizes that, "It took us about 475 days to reach 100,000 deals." And that was about a year ago. Now all ready past 300,000. Crazy to think of how quickly we tripled that number eh?


@xarous: I share your excitement about reaching 300k but I am a little disappointed with the quality of deals being posted as of late. Yeah we got through the latter 200k quickly (in only a year) but a large number of those deals are crap IMO. And not the good kind of CRAP we associate with woot!


@jimmyd103: I agree. That's why I took a major step back in activity. Lately I've been hanging back around to see some of the names I missed, but I don't miss the crap. :)


Can we officially confirm that this was the 300,000th deal posted?


@eraten: Someone on Staff would need to confirm. Jumbowoot maybe?


When @heymo posted the 100,000 deal, @shawnmiller confirmed that it was this deal:

So yeah, let us hope Staff drops by soon and lets us know.

@JumboWoot poke Where have you been lurking?


Well it looks like we have an answer... Let's upvote this into infamy! Thanks @josefresno!


Who can confirm that 56.38% weren't really good deals?