questionswhy do candles cost so much?


Its simple, people are willing to pay the ridiculous price so they will gladly keep it at that price. If no one bought it at that price then they would be forced to lower it.


whereas i will give @brays3440 is correct, it is also because people are insisting on buying certain brands with certain scents. if you were buying just for the i need a light factor then you would be buying the cheap ones at the local big box store or at the dollar tree


Some candles are pricey because they use real essential oils, which are incredibly expensive. I mean, think about how many flowers it takes to get just a few drops of jasmine.

If you want to make your own just for emergency/mood lighting, it isn't all that difficult to do yourself. Just set up a double boiler (most people recommend a throwaway item like an old coffee can), some candle wicks, and a few jars. Or you can do hand-dipped candles where you just take the wick and repeatedly dunk it in the hot wax.


I like cheap candles from China. I find that the lead and other heavy metals adds a pleasant toxicity to the air.


I know they are pricey, but I like Yankee Candles. They have a wide variety of scents, and the scent is stronger than cheap candles. They seem to last longer too. And I like to help my local economy out.
Maybe people can find some deals on candles and post them?


I don't like scented candles, but I do keep some cheap generics around for lighting fires, bending PVC pipe, other projects and emergencies. A few years ago I found some "Shabbat candles" for really cheap after Passover/Easter. Perfect for what I need.


Kohls often has good sales on good quality candles like Yankee Candles. Especially after the holidays. I bought a lot of pine scented and sugar cookies scented Yankee jar candles at 90% off on their after-Christmas sale. I have them stacked up in my clothes closet and they are making my clothes smell nice.


I bought a cheap candle from the craft store, but it just left a nice residue near where I had it sitting from the smoke. Although the cheap ones smell nice, stick with the more expensive quality candles if you are going to burn them. The cheap ones are great if using the warmers.


Good question. I go to thrift stores and often find quality candles at great prices.


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Hi there, the reason behind most higher priced candles is quality ingredients and the cost of labor etc. There are cheaper candles which come with cheaper labor and ingredients of unknown quality. Given that you burn these in confined spaces, you might want to consider what is in them. And yes I am a candle seller. :)