questionswhat is the best free anti-virus software?


I've liked the Microsoft service so far... it seems to be doing great, and doesn't lag near as much as what I had before.


i use AVG. i usually catch the paid version free after rebate about once a year at newegg.


Yes, Microsoft Security Essentials is the best of the freebies. It actually competes well with the paid products. MSE is unobtrusive and easy on the resources. If one has an underpowered processor, it is absolutely the best way to go.


Another vote for Microsoft, one of the after-effects of MS getting into the AV market late with Live One-Care, then jumping back out of it (that also spawned Norton 360 and others).

One of the features I've always like with Avast that most of the commercial packages don't have, is to be able to schedule a boot-time scan. A lot of viruses resist removal when Windows is running and the virus is intertwined in the operating system. When the virus scan runs before Windows fully loads, removal is more often successful.


Linux has kept me virus free for years and years.


I've been using Avast for a bit now, and I'm happy with it.

As far as the paid anti-virus programs, I've heard good things about Kaspersky.


I have Malwarebytes and it does fine for me. Avast is also good, but every time I use it, I can't use any other browser but Chrome and I don't like Chrome, so I can't use it.


I am a fan of Avast. Been using it for years and it works well. I had used AVG but made the switch, found Avast used less system resources at the time.

@captainsuperdawg I use Firefox for all my web browsing and have not had an issue, I do not even have Chrome installed (really did not care for it). Maybe there is a simple setting that you would need to change. No issues with the free version at home or the corporate version at work and Firefox.


Another vote for MSE(Microsoft Security Essentials). I also use Linux, but I do keep Windows installed for a few reasons. I repair computers, smartphones and tablets as a side project and Linux does not play well with certain smartphone drivers and software. I have built several systems for my family and friends and their friends as well. I ALWAYS recommend the free Microsoft offering and most of the time preinstall it on their system. It has served me well. That together with a weekly scan from the free Malwarebytes Antimalware is an almost surefire way to stay virus free. Most of them are going to be about the same, but as far as speed and lightness on the system, MSE is the way to go.


Another vote for MSE here. I've been running it for 1-1/2 years as a standalone with no issues(knocking on wood). Of course, it could also be my diligence as to what I click on or visit.


It's just a matter of time before someone suggests Linux.