questionsdo you remember woot happy hours?


I remember when there wasn't hundreds and hundreds of "deals", and the item of the day was deeply discounted, and even if it sold out, nothing would replace it.

I remember lively discussions on the items, with lots of insight and humor abound.

I remember when buying a shirt, quality was the norm, not the exception.

I remember when Woot was ... fun.


I LOVED the Woot Happy Hour. Unfortunately I don't think we will see that or any of the other old Woot happiness anytime soon. It's a shame that Woot has been turned from a company that was fun to just a company. PLEASE BRING BACK WOOT TO ITS FORMER IDENTITY.


There was a neon martini glass and a green neon ! .


Yes, I remember them. They were fun. Very hard to get a BOC when they were offered cuz they only did 500 at the most. (I think) Also, there was no discussion boards (only twitter), so that was tricky. I'm not a social media dweeb, so I always found out late when one was happening. That was sort of the beginning of the social media trend on woot, if you ask me.
Edit: also the page refreshed itself!


Apparently there will be no recurrence of the "old" woot, so why do people keep talking about it? Accept it and move on.


@robingraves: Of course it's not going to change back to what it was. I know that. Those who have been here much longer than I have, know that. And realized it far sooner than I did. And many have let go and moved on. is rather difficult for me to let go. To absorb the reality. It's just seem so sad. Guess some of us would rather dwell on The Way Things Were.