questionscan someone please grade the 14" hp touch screen…


Seems like an awful lot of money for a very mediocre laptop.

No gigabit ethernet, 5400 RPM HDD, weak graphics card, 1366x768 screen (fat and short, me no like), and the AMD A8-5545m CPU which isn't going to run much of anything really fast.

The AMD website has more details:!23ABA#Reviews

What do you intend to use this machine for?


If you don't mind the chance of having to deal with horrid customer service or having the package left in the rain because you weren't notified the laptop had shipped then you should check out the woot plus sale here:
I know a lot of it is sold out but these laptop "deals" are put up every couple weeks. I got an ASUS Zenbook and I love it, but the box was soaked when I got to it.


It's not a fast machine, but it's good for all around web browsing and email and such. Surprising to see touch in a laptop that cheap, but the overall machine is cheap with it.


Been looking for something to replace my HP 9500a and, being an HP certified tech, I normally do not recommend the Pavilion line and instead steer people to the HP commercial line. However, times being what they are...I found that HP has a 'custom' build for Walmart on the Pavilion. The "Black Friday" models from HP are generally custom builds, but this one is not and is pretty good for the price. Look for Walmart Item # 552157742.

HP Pavilion 17-e119wm Notebook PC. $598 gets you max RAM, an A10 AMD processor, and a 1TB drive. Downside is no gigabit NIC, no Bluetooth, no touchscreen (the specs on the page are incorrect). Brand new, not refurb/reconditioned, so you get the full year warranty.