questionsdo you have any recommendations for a dvr system…


Note: We have a DVD recorder that is capable of recording TV shows, but only after much frustration and confusion. 10 minutes of mashing buttons on the remotes, 2 minutes of Menu navigation, 5 minutes of cable connection hunting, and then the requisite 20 minutes of swearing and crying thereafter.


@bmw66x: you have a Polaroid? I hope someone answers. I really want a HD DVR that has multi channel recording without a subscription.


For just over the air channels it's very hard to beat the Channel Master CM-7000. There is no fee ever. You just purchase the box (299.00) and that's it. It will only record over the air channels (digital) and I think some clear cable signals (not sure I dont't have cable). I have one of these and will likely purchase another soon. The interface and remotes look exactly like the Dishnetwork equipment. Recommended!

You can see the specs at

They look to have a new box also that adds internet streaming but at 100.00 more.