questionshelp woot build back up the tanzanite & diamond…


I already upvoted the deal

late last night when I noticed it was already falling into the pit of despair

So, I'm way ahead of you.


@ bogie21 So agree w/you. They handled a horrid situation w/honor. Admitted they goofed, and corrected the errors. Publically. I consider them gentle(wo)men.

Never did down-vote them, and finally up-voted. Thanks for posting this - hope others see it and do the same.


I wouldn't have seen that if you didn't post this. So used to seeing at least one sponsored deal in the negative. In for +1

This needs to go popular so more people see it!


Not likely to get out of this grave.


Folks, this is absolutely heartwarming. THANK YOU for the support.


Negativity isn't allowed :) I wouldn't expect it to go heavily +, but every +1 we can get is one step closer.

It's already gone up ~30 in the last 20 minutes or so


Unfortunately for them, there are no take backs on votes. I would assume Deals.woot is apologizing to this company profusely and is taking corrective steps for the damaged reputation. I'm way to stressed to think of who to invoke for this so we'll just go with @thefenst.


+1 for the deal. I agree that they handled their mistake very professionally. Gotta hand it to them for that.


@thepenrod: I do think deals.woot dropped the ball and should take some responsibility for the fiasco.

Maybe woot could do a "Do Over"??? ....Wishful or wistful thinking.


I tossed em a +1, shame there was a problem as I'd wager it could have been the top sponsored deal of the day.

They may yet dig at least mostly out of the hole by days end though.


The negative votes keep piling on and are only slowly being averted by the positive votes. Maybe deals.woot could send an e-mail to everybody that has voted asking them to review the deal and vote again (of course, they'd have to open the voting up to allow those votes to be changed).


Since its fixed, and not a bad deal, +1~



FWIW - The downvoting has gotten so out of hand that it's lost all meaning. I now ignore them.


Most of the downvotes are probably "bandwagon" votes right now - they see a bunch of negatives and add one of their own without even looking at the deal.


I'll chip in my +1 as well.


I'm in also... Pack mentality has set in and the the Dogs of Deals.Woot are loose...


@mtm: Not with that attitude! WHO'S COMIN WITH ME?

@gmwhit: I think a second consecutive day on sponsored deals is just what the doctor ordered. How perfect that @bogie21 posted this, cause that's just what @jewelrycom deserves.


At first I was nonplussed, but then I oneplussed.


I added a +1 to it. Hope they can get out of the negatives.


I'm really glad to see this is happening. They will no doubt receive a +1 from this guy! Good deals deserve respect.


Good lookin' out :D


Glad you took the time to post this. I honestly probably wouldn't have even been aware of the situation if I didn't see this..


I'm in... If the mistake is fixed, there's no reason to push down. Vote up!

And tanzanite happens to be one of my favourite stones! :)


Mulligan. I meant mulligan. I'm not as clever as I thought.


Really? Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Move on.


Already dropped in a -1 this morning. No take-backs, sadly.

I'm sure they'll be compensated in some way (such as several free sponsored deals, and/or a refund).

If it was Woot's fault, I'm kind of surprised they didn't just hit the "reset" button on the deal (i.e., delete it and repost as fresh to get rid of the downvotes).


@novastarj I'm sure they have their reasons. Has Woot ever reset a sponsored deal?

As an update, the deal is at exactly -151 (+116 -267 on 9/22/11 @1:58 MST) . That means it's gone up 66 points :) If I remember correctly, it was about -215 when the correction was made. (with +16 and -231)

That's 100 Upvotes which is fantastic!

Sadly, that's also 36 down-votes from lazy people who just vote w/o reading.


+1 from me as well. hopefully they got some good sales numbers once the issues were resolved.


Hey, we all make mistakes. So, here's my +1.


Looking at the ring, I have to conclude it's not that great a deal in the first place and down-voted it. Most jewelry is sold this way - with outrageous never-realized "list prices" and ridiculous discounts. Don't fall for it.


@narquespamley Really? Honest question, not sarcasm.

I wasn't able to find any non-simulated (Lab Created) tanzanite that size set in a gold for anything under $300. That's ignoring the diamond accents as well.

Yes, this is all via online searching. I did not visit any local jewlers near by that might have better in-store pricing.

As for inflated "normal" pricing. Most online retailers, hell even B&M, do this. Not just for jewlery but for everything. The "normal" price is typically the initial listing price that item first sold for, or suggested retail value from the manufacturer.


I found one with virtually identical specs on ebay for $229 in less than 5 minutes.


I think the seller and woot did an outstanding job to fix the problem. Far too many people made the rash decision to downvote.


@narquespamley: And the Sponsored deal beat the Ebay price by $30.00!
What is your beef??


The diamonds on this ring are of exceptionally poor quality. The tanzanite is ungraded, though we know it to be of an inferior color. Since there are so many different suppliers of rings with different characteristics, it's not always possible to make a direct comparison.

All I think we can say is that this price is in about the right ballpark now. That $1429 "retail price" is just a plain fraud. Only a fool would pay even a few hundred dollars for this ring. And I would never buy fine jewelry over the net from anybody other than an extremely reputable supplier.


@narquespamley: Could you produce comparable prices for the size, grade and color for the same item? And where did you get the price information for your comments?

You said there is an Ebay deal that's "cheaper", where is it? Post the link. Is it from the same manufacturer?

Inflated list price is not fraud (Fraud has specific legal meaning). List price or MSRP can be anything. Whether one would pay for it is up to the buyer.


I find it difficult to image that someone would opt to pay the same amount for an item on eBay over a retail store.

I, personally, would NEVER buy jewelry over eBay.


@bogie21, @gmwhit, @dmmutti, @capguncowboy, @alpayton, @jsimance, @prima, @mtm2, @scarabkafer, @tiamat114, @thepenrod, @darkinc, @tucnguyen, @mfladd, @3dgraphics, @unclefrog, @hobbitss, @ferrisbueller, @woothulhu, @loubriccant, @djenkins1982, @studerc, @drchops, @arosiriak, @carl669, @barnabee, @lll0228 and everyone who went to bat for us: THANK YOU a thousand times over.

Our next sponsored deal goes live TONIGHT at midnight and it's thanks to all of you for your fairness, honest critique and support that we are giving it another shot.

@narquespamley and everyone who comparison shopped the hell out of the last one: you're doing a great service to us AND the whole Woot community. Keep it up. Our next one's gonna be an even tighter comparison, so we thought it would only be fair to give you a head start. ;-)

Here's a sneak peek at what's going up tonight: Any guesses on our offer price?


@jewelrycom: It was my pleasure, as to my guess? $249.99 ? Feel free to send me a pair haha :)


@jewelrycom: Am coming out of self-imposed deals.woot exile to give you my full support. Will mention once again - you were a complete gentleman during the last unfortunate incident. I applaud and deeply respect you for your integrity and grace under fire. Rare and most welcome for a business.

Re: Your new offering. Not in the market for this, so can't offer a guesstimate on price. Am going to use restraint on buying them. Will say that "H and better color" is outstanding for earrings. Also would like to mention that invisible set princess cuts are by far more expensive than the same weight in rounds set w/prongs.

I know this will be a good deal. Best of luck to you and yours!!