questionswhat cashback or rewards programs do you use, and…


I have an Amazon/Chase credit card that gives me 2 points for every dollar on everything and 5 points for purchases made on Amazon. I then use the points/cash I've accumulated to buy more stuff on Amazon.

All of our credit cards have points but this is my favorite.


chase southwest rapid rewards card. 50,000 miles for signing up. 48,000 miles used for two round trip tickets. Canceled card, then 6 months later opened a new one and 50,000 more miles. It's fairly uncomplicated, since the miles can also be redeemed for gift cards to places like walmart... 500 miles = $500 walmart gift card.

Barclay/nfl card, got $200 statement credit after charging $200, no annual fee.

Basically I just use my costco amex card for almost everything, 1% back for most things, 2% back for restaurants and travel, 3% back on costco gas... just got my annual rewards for nearly $400. I open and close 2-3 other accounts throughout the year based on what specials are offered, like the soutwest or nfl cards. If they're gonna give away money, I'll be happy to take it.

edit: opening and closing multiple credit cards per year doesn't seem to really hurt my credit score... I'm in the middle 700's right now, and that even takes into account a short sale of our house 2 years ago.


I have Chase Ultimate Rewards, it's pretty good. I get 1% back on everything, and 5% on quarterly categories. It's not always something I need, but it usually includes something like groceries or gas. If it's a category that I use a lot, I end up with major rewards.

To illustrate: last summer or so I cashed in around $100 of rewards. I'd say it took me a year, a year and a half to get that. Then this fall came a category I used often and the next quarter happened to be another one where it was a category that I bought a lot. I already have over $70 from less than half the time.

Ultimate Rewards is a good program IMO. Get a little back on everything with a decent chance of a big bump every quarter. It's not always something I personally use (such as travel or movie theaters) but they give good rewards.

You can cash them in for cash, statement credit, Amazon gift cards and many many many other places.


Other than credit card rewards, I use ebates You log into ebates then use their link to go to your shopping site of choice and you get a percentage of your purchase back via a check every couple months. I've made like $160 since about a month before Christmas on things I was purchasing anyway as gifts (and I bought a freezer). Also, of course, if you refer people they will give you a bonus, too.


I have a visa card that used to give 1% back for all purchases, than it dropped to .5% for purchases up to $5000

They just changed it again and it's a little better, but still too new to comment as to how good the new promotion is.

I will say that I love the Giant's gas promotion points and have made many purchases to get up to $1.00 off per gallon of fuel. It's worth it and we bring a gas can if we are close to the points expiring and don't want to lose the credit.


I have some credit cards rewards programs but haven't made much use of them. Okay, I used credit card reward miles to give my best friend a RT plane ticket to Japan one year and used the rest of them to buy RT plane tickets for us both to Australia a couple of years later, so that's pretty good, but it took like 25 years of using the card to build up those miles. The only rewards programs I see real results from are business rewards, like Premiere Theaters card that gives me a free popcorn every ten movies or Salad Creations that gives me a free lunch every ten salads.


My wife and I love Discovers cash back system. Very easy to use and hassel free.

When I lived in Houston I loved Kroger's store card. Not a credit card of any kind just a grocery store card. You got 3 cents off gas there or at any local shell just for having it, and 10 cents per hundred dollars you spent on groceries the previous month on 35 gallons of gas.


I also love my ebates shopping~got lots of money back.


I have a Chase Amazon card similar to @ohcheri but for every dollar spent I get 3 points on purchases, 2 points on gas station, restaurant, drugstore and office supply store purchases and 1 point on all other purchases. After enough points compile I will request a check for the dollar value of my


I've been using Mr Rebates for over 7 years, I've received on average over $150 back every year. No points, clubs or anything, just pure cold, hard CASH!


I use my Discover card to buy things through eBates. Sometimes I switch to ShopDiscover when the rebates are higher. But either way I get two forms of cashback combined.


I have an Amazon card with the same rewards as @jsimsace. I also have an American Airlines card that gives me air miles on AA (I live in DFW so I almost always fly American). I swapped to using the Amazon card primarily once I built up a large surplus of miles (turns out I don't fly as much as I used to). It is nice to have that cushion.
Neither cards have annual fees. No clue what the APR is as I pay the cards off each month. So, in that sense, it's like getting free money...well, miles and stuff on Amazon which is almost the same thing.

vote-for1vote-against can be used on top of any card. Gives gift cards for spending so much at certain retailers and restaurants. It's a bit limited as of now, but hopefully will grow in the future. It uses the same methods as to get your information. You can earn more with referals. I'd post mine here, but it's frowned upon.


@mkentosh: Mr. Rebates has been good to me also! Very straightforward system.