questionshey tea drinkers, have you seen these new teas…


YUM! Those sound wonderful! Gotta try the Lemon Chiffon.


@hot72chev: That one sounded great to me till I saw it was rooibos. Don't care for it. I'll have to try the caramel vanilla black instead.


Huh, so the ad choices ad I seem to have attracted on the right for Republic of Tea says "Limited time free shipping". But I followed the link and shipping is only free if you buy $100 worth of tea. Not a very good promotion for them. Still, great tea. If there was really free shipping I'd buy some right now.


@hot72chev: I get lemon herbal tea of a different brand -- I forget which one-- and make it into iced tea. It is my favorite summer drink. I also make other various flavors and even mix them up. This lemon chiffon, as you pointed out, sounds like a must try for my iced teas .

@moondrake : thanks for the heads up !