questionsblockbuster or gamefly - is blockbuster "good…


I have used it up until two weeks ago. If you are not looking for speedy delivery then go for it. I didn't like how slow they were though. It would take three to five days for them to deliver a game, at least two days for the game to get sent back, and at least one full day to process that you have returned the game and then prepare to ship your next one. generally it was a week long wait in between games especially if you sent them both back at the same time. The sad thing was I live two hours from a processing center and it would still take at least a week to send games back and get new ones. I didn't like the wait so I went back to gamefly. If you don't mind waiting that long then go for the savings. As for the catalog it is a bit smaller than GF but I have never had to wait for a game.


@flashkill: Interesting, because our turnaround with Gamefly matches what you say about Blockbuster. In fact, on more than one occasion I've had to send them a note saying "Hey, you've had my games back for 5 days now, mind shipping me something?"


Gamefly takes about the same amount of time as mentioned above. Never had to ask them to send anything though.

If your just gaming every now and then and don't have to have a game then I would say make the switch, save the money.


@wootbretz: Redbox is OK but the only one near me is several miles away and in a Walmart, very heavily used. Also, we tend to use Gamefly for older games that the family wants to play, but has no interest in buying. We rarely use it for newly released games which seems to be what Redbox stocks.


I've tried both and both seem very slow.

I dropped GameFly because they never sent the games I wanted (they always sent the games at the very bottom of my queue). It was definitely not worth the price.

With Blockbuster I kept receiving defective games/games that were incredibly scratched. I did like the fact that they allowed DVD's/Games. Some of the games do have a long wait time though and they don't have everything, especially older games.


I signed up for a trial offer of Block Buster, it allowed me to rent movies (DVD & Bluray) and Video Games.

The selection was smaller than Gamefly's but had the most wanted games. However, you could find yourself on a long wait list... all depending on how you prioritize your games.

I made the games I really wanted to play my #1 pick and I was able to get them fairly soon. As long as you have a large queue you'll be good in watching movies and playing games!

For the casual gamer it would be a good deal for the price. As for how long it takes to get stuff, depends on where you live. They have different collection centers around the country, mine was about 2 hours away from where I live... so I got stuff fairly quickly.


I have blockbuster and it takes a long time to get any of the games on my queue. I can have a game at the number 1 spot my queue, and I'll often get 5-10 other items before I get that game.


Blockbuster SUCKS. (for online videogames).
(At least it did ~1 year ago)

I had them for a month. During that month I got like 2 or 3 games I ordered and 0 games I wanted. Catalog sucked. Availability sucked.

The also take several months to get "New Releases" in. If I remember right I wanted something like Crackdown 2, and at that point it had been out for a couple months, and it still wasn't going to be stocked online for another couple months.

Like I said at the beginning, it's been things may have changed.