questionswhere is a good place to buy a book case?


Ikea, if you have one nearby.

I have 8 Billy bookcases in my office, and they have stood the test of time without any sagging shelves.


Sadly I don't they were my first idea. Closest one is probably Atlanta and I live in memphis tn near enough so long long drive.


@dravack: isn't charlotte closer for Ikea? maybe not. I will second the vote for ikea. You can get more expensive ones with nicer finishes and detail but I also opted for the Billy bookshelves and so far they've been great.

I'd stay away from the ones at walmart, they'll sag and start coming apart in a year. Target has some that are sturdy with a nice finish, I'd probably have bought mine there except they didn't have white. Big Lots or similar stores will sometimes have real wood shelves from well known manufacturers as well.


@nmchapma: either way both stores are a bit far to drive for a bookshelf. Was going to try biglots when they open in an hour or so. Wonder if I scrounge around if I can find someone with a 20% off coupon to spare. Either way thanks for the advice. Going to check staples office max and depot. Some people on SD I've seen post deals for some there so must be some demand.


Craigslist, thrift shops & yard sales. Bookcases are usually the first things to get sold off when people move, esp. since the better quality ones are heavier solid wood instead of particle board.


Best bookcases I have had were from Costco. Solid oak, plywood shelves. Took two of us to bring in a van. Lasted forever. Sold when we moved to smaller home.


@olperfesser: I check costco next time I'm up there.

Craig's list was a dud. I'll post some examples when I'm not on phone.
SAMs club was a dud.

Checking out Ashley home store in 7 mins


@dravack: Don't get those Saunder things. Just don't. Save your time and frustration. Depending on the weight of the books, you might be very happy with the ones that Target occasionally carries. They're the kind with the shelves that fold up, and I've used them for years. Here's an example:

Those Saunders things used to be okay, when they were first trying to be knock offs of the cam systems that Ikea uses, but a few years ago they became soul-suckingly difficult, and I actually took one back in multiple pieces (after trying for 3 days to assemble it) and made the store where I bought it give me a refund, and an apology. I considered eating the cost of it so I could destroy it with a sledge hammer, but decided it was better to return it. They no longer carry them, either.

You know, you can order from Ikea and they'll deliver...


@shrdlu: I'll double check ikea but most of the stuff I've seen on there site isn't available for shipping. Ashley was a bust I didn't like their car salesmen like attitude. No prices on the site and guy said oh their $400 how many do you want. Told him I wasn't sure I'll go home and measure and come back. That I was just getting a feel for the market. He said oh you should order today their on sale 15% off. I said no I'd rather wait I mean I can always come back tomorrow. He proceeded to tell me the sale is today only and if I went ahead and ordered now he would give me 20% off.

Swear I was at a car lot. Lol


I was out at the local flea-market/antiques warehouse/furniture nonsense the other day and there were a ton of bookshelves that people had built from recycled doors (from the oldie olden days when stuff was made from solid wood) that were relatively cheap and ridiculously sturdy. They were definitely non-standard in appearance though. You might check around one of these types of places and see if anything fits your needs.


I had a problem a few years ago finding a bookshelf that wasn't made of particle board. I ended up going to lowes and having them cut a sheet of plywood down into 12"x30" pieces and made my own. It took about 4-5 hours of sanding and painting, but that thing will last forever.

I know that might not be an option for everyone, but it's an idea

PS, Memphis is on the southwestern tip of TN. Charlotte is about 3 hours further away than Atlanta.


As an experiment, I went through part of the ordering process for Billy bookcases at Ikea. They are orderable online, however the shipping costs are quite high at $99, which would defeat the purpose for most people. This number didn't seem to depend on how many I added to the cart. Maybe if you're buying several hundred dollars' worth of stuff it would make sense. I'm not sure if you noticed there's a private Ikea delivery service called "fetch" in Memphis, but their delivery cost is inexplicably even higher. I would be quite sad if there was no local Ikea.


Amazon has a few good options that are reasonably priced. I got my last bookcase from staples and it was only about 50 bucks I believe. Had it for 5 or 6 years.


I'm glad this was asked. I have been looking for new bookcases for about 12 years. I got one made by Whalen at Sam's Club a while back and liked it (pressed wood, but well-made), but can't find this one anymore, even on the manufacturer's site. In the last few weeks I have hit most of the nearby furniture stores (skipping the high end ones) but they are either over priced or non-existent. Several told me that they are only give three or four and they sell out quickly. One would think that this would be a clue that they need to stock MORE!

Last week I dropped by Office Depot for toner and checked out the bookcases there. Nothing terribly decorative, but some great prices. If you can settle for a very basic 5 shelf bookcase made of pressed wood, they had one for $35.


I agree that estate auctions, garage sales, antique coops , craig's list, etc... are great places to find some solid wood bookcases.

I did buy a solid wood folding stackable ones from Crate & Barrel 25+ years ago. My niece has them now and still going strong. They are great cause you can fold them if you need to store them or move.
I found something that looks sort of like it at Walmart. The description says solid beechnut. I don't remember what mine are made of. This is $59. Not bad. It's not a big unit. so I would advise getting 2. I have no memory of what I paid all those years ago.


You might try looking for those kitchen or garage style shelf systems they sell at home depot etc. Either metal or plastic or some type of resin? Worth looking on craigslist. The good ones - heavy duty - seem to last. But.... they dont fit books well if you want a bookcase look, and don't look like classy furniture.

Used office furniture places - who often advertise on craigslist have- have wood finish bookcases that can be good.


@narquespamley: Ouch I'm happy ikea is shipping more stuff now. I haven't been on their site in over a year or two because I always got depressed they wouldn't ship 99% of the stuff I wanted. Looks like there's a lot more now. But $299 to ship two bookcases. I could drive there and back and still have $ left for that price. The shipper is actually better they only want like $150. So better deal.

@capguncowboy: I thought about doing this. What thickness plywood did you use? I'm a noob to wood lol.

Figured this would be super easy. Looked at the 2x12 and dang that's thick. Think I could get away using 1x12s? Dunno if for everything or just for the shelves. Have to think about it and mess around.



That one would be simple. Though GF liked this one from samsclub

But it's only 2 feet wide. Really would like it to be the wider 3.5 foot that standard bookshelfs are.

Might try this. Think a noob could do it?

Here's the two from Ikea I like but not paying $300 to ship it.