questionswhere can i find the best deals on a gun holster…


Serious question: I'm curious - why would your wife want/need to carry a concealed weapon? No offense meant, I really would like to know. Am also aware that curiosity killed the cat. ::shiver::


I only read the opening question, and I would heartily recommend . After reading the whole question, I stand by my answer.


@gmwhit: She goes for long runs around the perimeter of a nearby lake. Aggressive dogs, feral hogs, and alligators are bigger than she is. Also, on a run like that (or many other places) she could be assaulted by a human and would be stupid to not have some way of protecting herself.


@amschel: Thank you for answering. Curiosity stemmed.


I am of the opinion that anyone concerned about safety should carry a gun, especially women. The only reason not to carry a gun are: being a felon, or being afraid to use the weapon. I realize that some jurisdictions don't allow it, but in those places only criminals have guns and I choose not to live there.


How is there a thing called Thunderwear and I'm just now hearing about it?


Take a look at the suggestions & advice from 'Cornered Cat' at

And remember that you can't choose her holster - if you do, she won't be inclined to use it.

I also don't recommend any type of off-body carry. Fanny packs are OK, as long as you realize they scream 'GUN'. Not an issue for defense against critters during a run.


I upvoted this question 1.) I made the top 10 leaderboard today and you mentioned Ruger in your question. 2.) I like to see people practice the 2nd. ammendment.

That being said, today only FREE upvotes to gun related accessories deals and questions!


@capitalggeek: I like the cornered cat web site. I agree, she has to be the one to choose the holster/carrying system.
We have looked online together, watched video reviews and talked about options. These are the options that seem the most interesting to her. Since she needs more than one way to carry, we will probably have to get multiple holsters. Multiple holsters means spending more money. That is where all of our friends here at woot come in. If anybody can find discounts, coupons, sales, or good deals on things I am looking to buy then woot users will be the ones who find it.


Here is another good article.
Personally I think any holster that you nearly have to expose yourself to access the gun is a fail.

Pretty much you have to shop around , find something you think will work then buy it and more than likely find out it doesn't work. Anyone who caries concealed has the infamous "Box of Holsters" full of holsters that for one reason or another just did not work out.

I know many people don't like fanny packs or "Shoot me first" vests but as long as you don't have any way obvious bulges most non gun people will not give those a second thought.

If you don't mine let us know what she picks. I hope to be helping my wife get her CCL soon and then we will be in the same boat.